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TPC 2020 Panel Announcement Document - Provided by SorcererAndrew

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TPC 2020 Panel Announcement Document - Provided by SorcererAndrew

Welcome to the ThemeParkCon 2020 Panel Announcement document! Here you can find the announcements that were announced from the panels that are showcased at TPC 2020. Hope you enjoy this document I made in my free time when TPC was going on!



Solar7 Years of Magic, and More to Come Panel:

[TPC] The first panel of TPC 2020 will now begin! Please welcome Solarsystem7 to the stage as he presents, Solar7 Years of Magic, and More to Come Panel!

[ Solarsystem7 ] Hello and good afternoon, everyone!
Welcome to the Solar7 parks and resorts panel here today at TPC. We are extremely grateful of everyone who has come here today, and we hope everyone is having a blast.

First off, I wanted to give a shout-out to Web and Clock and the rest of FUSE Entertainment Co. for letting us be the first panel of TPC 2020! :)

So, As you know this being the first panel of the day, we wanted to set up the best kickoff of the day as possible giving you brand new exclusive news for new immersive experiences we strive to give.
On that note we have been giving you fantastic experiences for over 7 years now, we are excited to officially announce the kickoff Solar7 Seventh Anniversary Summer Celebration!

So, on to our first reveal...

Your favorite mouse along with his friends are coming to Hollywood!
That's right... Mickey’s and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is opening THIS summer and we are extremely excited for you to experience the next level of immersion that its ancestor Rise Of The Resistance achieved.

After opening Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance earlier this year, we have had to up our game in every aspect of what we do. So, after closing last month, we’ve been hard at work on a brand-new update to Rise.
Prepare for all new show creator effects, implementation of the new armor stands, and general improvements that make your overall experience better. Keep an eye out for that later this summer.

Oh... huh, never noticed Mario and Luigi hanging out there.
It must mean something...
Oh yeah, that's right.

Super Nintendo World is making its way to the park in a completely interactive land like no other. Experience a race against your friends on Mario Kart or ride on the back of Yoshi!
Go on the run with Donkey Kong on a high speed minecart and capture the great moments with your favorite Nintendo characters all opening, later this summer.

Yo-ho, Yo-ho a pirate’s life for me...
That’s right the long-anticipated Pirates Of The Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure is opening later THIS year along with a revamped Pirates Cove that will look beautiful as ever!

Ahem, on a different note...
We have come a very long way as a team and a community, and we are all so grateful of everything that has happened as creative evolved.
It’s takes a lot of time and effort to achieve things like this, a lot of success and more importantly failure as it balances how you do things and gives you a chance to really set the best limits as a team.
As we wrap up here today, we are excited to see what other teams here in creative come up with and wish every single being here the best of hope and effort.

(Oh yeah, one more thing...)

2 BRAND NEW nighttime spectaculars will be coming to Solar7 Adventure this summer, and will replace Disneyland Forever. :)
One of the will be...
Mickey's Mix Magic.
Oh... wait... what... uh-huh...
(Other one to be revealed at a later date ;))

But actually, we do have one surprise for you...

That is right, RISE OF THE RESISTANCE 2.0 will be opening TODAY at Solar7 Adventure following the conclusion of today’s TPC events.
This upgrade has been in the works for a while and we can’t wait for you to see it.We cannot wait for you to experience this amazing attraction again later tonight!
On behalf of the Solar7 team and Fuse Entertainment for making this possible, We hope you have a fantastic day here at TPC!
Thank you, and see ya real soon!


Verse Panel:

[TPC] The Verse Panel will now begin. Please welcome your liberator! Your luminary! Your leader and beacon! The one who vanquished the tyranny of the User those many cycles before: BOB Cheapo!

[ Bob Chapek ] Hello earthlings and welcome to the TPC 2020 Verse Entertainment Panel. I am the spokesman, Bob Chapek.
After being fired from The Walt Disney Company, I have taken a new form as the head of creative's BEST company: Verse. Don't mind my awkward speech and long pauses, its in my nature.

Verse has lots of new things to share with you all, But first, I will briefly talk about their parks and company.
The Verse Entertainment Company strives to create a realistic and high quality theme park experience. Verse has produced many parks including: Expedition Bay.

Expedition bay is a S.E.A themed park with some really cool attractions like Mystic Manor, The Tower of Terror, and Grizzly Gulch.

Verse's Grand Adventure, a park home to some of the most popular attractions from Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's California Adventure, like Radiator Springs Racers, Guardians of the Galaxy; MISSION BREAKOUT, Rock 'n' RollerCoaster, Ratatouille, and The Great Movie Ride.
Some of these rides utilize technology in order for users to race each-other and have multiple carts on the track at once.

The Great Movie Ride uses Show Creator and Multiple Live Actors to immerse the guests into the ride and provide for a realistic experience.

We're also proud to announce our new line of cosmetics and fragrances: Fluid-X. Not only does it give you style and protection from nasty odors, it is also entirely "safe" to drink!

Our other product is the Bob Chapek Fluid-X line of prosthetic foreheads, exclusively for those with big brain.
As you can see, these products are going to be revolutionary in the Minecraft themed entertainment/fashion market. Stay tuned for a giveaway at the end of the presentation.. (ENDED)

Now, onto the New Announcements.

Coming soon to Creative, a combined multiplex entertainment district consisting of different experiences, events, and food options.
This District will include a Horror area consisting of some Original Houses. Two of which have already begun construction and will feature custom audio and soundtracks to enhance the experience.
Not only will it be the hub for horror fans alike, it will also provide a space for relaxation and enjoyment.

And for our major Announcement...
We are proud to announce our newest theme park,

"Verse's Epic Universe"
This park has well over 10 highly themed and carefully designed attractions, and includes many immersive lands such as Universal Monsters, Discovery Cove, The Lost River Delta, Super Nintendo World, and Beastly Kingdom.
We have spent a lot of time working, planning, outlining, this park to make it the best we possibly could and we are proud to say that it is one of the best and most detailed parks on Creative, and is definitely the greatest park that we have made.

Entertainment for this park will include: The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. We have carefully choreographed the show to create a really fun and exciting experience for our guests.
This action-packed stunt extravaganza will place you inside the world of Indiana Jones, complete with a rolling boulder and all-new, never before seen effects.

Some of the rides you can expect to see when the park opens this summer are:

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
This ride, closely based off of the one at Disneyland, utilizes ground-breaking technology to simulate the moving walls to make the rider feel as if they are going through a new door each time they ride. The entire chamber also changes based off of which door you enter, enhancing re-ridablity.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye will include many, many more effects, so be sure to check it out when the park gates open.

Journey to the Center of the Earth
This attraction is a custom spin on the popular ride in Tokyo Disney Sea. Riders will travel through the caves and caverns beneath the surface of the Earth. Not much is known about what lives down there, but rumors lead to it not being so good.
We don't want to share too much about what will happen on the ride, and what you will encounter, but we can say that it includes a lot of special effects and large sets.

Universal Monsters
This is an E ticket Dark Ride experience will multiple pre-shows to fully immerse the guests in the story and world of the attraction.
We won't give anything else away, except that it will include all of your favorite classic Monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman, and the Invisible Man.

Leonardo DaVinci Flying Machines
Disguised as an abandoned observatory, this attraction takes you floating above the Epic Universe skyline, offering spectacular views of the park and its many lands.

And that's just to name a few; there are many other attractions across Verse's Epic Universe waiting for you to discover.

Not only will this park be the most beautifully crafted on creative, it will also include some of the most technologically advanced, with never before seen effects and unparalleled immersion.
Verse's Epic Universe is a park built for those who dare to dream, discover, and explore, along with the spirit of adventure across our entire universe.

We dedicate this park to all of you: the dreamers, discoverers, and explorers.
Thank you for your time, truly, and we hope to see you all at opening this Summer, 2020. Stay tuned to receive information about a specific date. Thank You.


New Magic Coming on the High Seas Panel:

[TPC] The New Magic Coming on the High Seas Panel will now begin. Please welcome DisQuick.

[ DisQuick ] Hello everyone, welcome to the Discovery Cruise Line Panel.
Firstly, I would love to thank Clockwork2002 and TheWebCon and FUSE for putting this together!
Now you are all here to figure out what's behind those walls at our showcase booth.
But as anyone would do, we're going to say that for later...
Now, how's everyone's evening?
(Audience says how their evening is.)

So first things first,

As you may know, we are in a worldwide pandemic, and Discovery Cruise Lines will be taking the necessary precautions. This includes sanitation stations and masks.
Please contact me in Discord if you want a Discovery Cruise Lines Mask like mine!
My discord tag is Dis#0760.

Now, onto some news!

Many people why asking, when is the next cruise?
Well, now we've got a date!
Everyone guess!
(Audience guesses.)

June 19th at 12:00pm EST!

You might ask, what's new?
Everyone knows and loves our stage performance Wishes?
Who loves that show?
The original place of Andrew in a dress!
[ SorcererAndrew ] Woo hoo...

[ DisQuick ] Next cruise we will be adding some new magic to this classic performance. With new text, fireworks and more, this magical show will be sure to allow you to wish upon a Star!

Also I have something else to announce...

Something. Big!
A new stage show...
Alongside Wishes I am proud to announce that...

Hamilton - An American Musical will be coming aboard the Disney Wish!
This show will be replicated after the production Lin Manuel Miranda created and will include special effects and much more!
This show will be produced by DanteWhy and his team of professionals.
But what are these new outfits you might ask?
This is our manager of Events, Anna and one of our crew members, most know for his work in dresses, Andrew!
And yes, Andrew will be in a dress next cruise!
[ SorcererAndrew ] g r e a t .
[ DisQuick ] These new outfits are designed to be bold, fashionable and comfortable for the Crew.

Next, we have something big to announce...

As you can see, there is an island on this banner...
This means only one thing.

Yes that is right, we will he bringing a private island to the Disney Wish!
This island will be named, Dreamer's Point!

Combining the world of Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more this island is going to a magical experience for all!
And yes, slides will be there!

After our June 19th Cruise, we will be having a cruise...
The Disney Wish will be cleared and rebuilt!

We will be having a Halloween cruise!
Halloween on the High Seas will have new shows, experiences and much more!
Now, back to Wishes...
Our most ambitious production we will be taking on will be...
Disney's Not So Spooky Spectacular!
Combining 30 different costumes, 25 sets and way to many Show Creator pages, this show is guaranteed to top.
Any. Stage. Show. On. Creative.
There I said it.

Next, for all of you HHN fans...

Halloween Horror Nights Houses will be making its way to the Disney Wish!

Thank you for joining me, Anna and Andrew tonight for our panel. Thank you to Fuse Entertainment Company for making this possible. Good night!


AdventureWorld Parks Panel:

[TPC] The AW Parks Panel will begin now. Please welcome davidzoo__!

[ davidzoo__ ] Welcome to the AW Parks Panel!
So I got giant announcements tonight!
These announcements will be so big, I can't stop talking about them!
So I don't know where to start,
Oh wait.

So we started back in August 14 2015!
Our 6 Year Anniversary will Begin August 14 2020!

So without further of due,
as you know,
There's a show many of us has watched at AW.
We have all watched Adventurous.

Our Newest nighttime spectacular,
will premiere in August!

As you know we are celebrating, Pride Month,
and we will celebrate 4th of July,
and then Christmas and Halloween is a heavy season too.

So Let me introduce the CEO of Target!
Just kidding!
[ Iuventius ] Hello Everyone!
[ davidzoo__ ] She's the head of decoration.
So Iuventius, how's your experience at AW decorating?
[ Iuventius ] It has been very wonderful.
[ davidzoo__ ] Iuventius, I know we love Pride decoration.
[ Iuventius ] We do!

[ davidzoo__ ] Also, as you know...
Como saben, estamos construyendo una tierra temtica mexicana en AdventureWorld!
We are building an Mexican land!
There will be new details released on the ride and decoration of Mexico Land.

The ride will be called...
Temple's Curse!
Temples Curse is a one minute ride,
and in that minute, a minute is on purpose.
A minute of being scared for your life, A minute of fun, A minute of being trapped inside a temple.
This ride uses TOT tech, and dark ride elements.

And Mexico Experience!
View Artifacts from Ancient Mexican Times and interact with them, in innovative Mexican tech.

Wait, I have someone for you all to meet...
Roberto (Biscuit_Boy72), here has a special announcement.
Tierra Mexico is opening June 30!

We have another announcement...
Biscuit_Boy72, explain Virtual Park!

[ Biscuit_Boy72 ] Virtual Park will include countless new attractions and lands that have never been seen before. But it's not just regular attractions... Everything is video game themed! The opening date for this park will be announced closer to its opening.
The park is still really early in development and wont come out til late this year or early next year.

[ davidzoo__ ] Also, I got word, that there's not just one park.
There's 2 parks.

DarthLionel, come and explain!
[ DarthLionel ] LionelLand Park will closed today, and AW Co. will buy the plot, and call it, AW Lane Park!
[ davidzoo__ ] Were shutting down LionelLand for something bigger and better!

To conclude tonight's panel,
We are opening a Event Center at AW!
Also, there will be a pride and TPC Store there too! :)
Thanks for coming to the panel!


The Next Step Into The Future Panel (ACA Entertainment):

[TPC] Please welcome BrerRabbit_ and StitcherSam as they present, The Next Step Into The Future!

[ BrerRabbit_ ] Good evening, everyone! Thank you for joining us in tonight's panel.
[ StitcherSam ] Tonight, we will not be focusing on the present, but rather - the future of entertainment.
[ BrerRabbit_ ] That's right, Sam. We will be discussing the future of our theme parks, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Park, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! So without further ado, let's get talking!

[ StitcherSam ] We’ll first begin with the Marvel Cinematic Universe Park.
As you may have known, the set time for the park to release to the public is set towards this Summer. Due to the current issues that we are going through, that time may change to a closer or further date, depending on our MCU building team.
Construction-wise, we have fully completed two attractions, and are planning on releasing four attractions in total for opening-day.
These planned attractions are the following:
The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Cinematic Universe: A History, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, and the Captain America: Civil War duel coaster.
You can find more information about the Marvel Cinematic Universe Park at our designated booth after this panel presentation.

[ BrerRabbit_ ] Great job Sam, can’t wait to see all the heroic action at the park! Let us continue with Star Wars: Galaxy Edge.
Recently we gave our own sneak preview of the outpost with our Batuu Adventure! We received a lot of positive feedback on it and proud to announce that we plan on doing more of them!
Construction-wise, we are getting closer to making some huge advancements such as Rise of the Resistance, Smuggler’s Run, and the Batuu Marketplace.
Our Predicted Opening will be...
December! We’re excited to be bringing the force closer to you! More information can be found at our booth, opening shortly after this panel.

[ StitcherSam ] Can’t wait to see what Blackspire Outpost has to offer!
And now, ladies and gentlemen, our biggest announcement in tonight’s panel.
[ BrerRabbit_ ] As you may have noticed, we both have sent out many teasers of something big and new. It is time we tell you all what that is.
[ StitcherSam ] Two parks, both in development, both with great futures. We are both proud to announce that our two parks will be teaming up in one big entertainment company!
[ BrerRabbit_ ] Not only will this project be uniting the two parks, but it will include two brand new parks for guests to explore! We call this Project A.

[ StitcherSam ] Now, you may be wondering what our company’s name has been set as. Shall we tell them, Brer?
[ BrerRabbit_ ] Yes, we shall! Drumroll, please!
[ StitcherSam ] The company that is bringing the future of entertainment closer to you is named...
ACA Entertainment!

[ BrerRabbit_ ] And to bring greater entertainment closer and easier for you, we will be presenting a Hub plot. The Hub will give you direct transportation to our parks and present to you many entertainment places such as Resorts, Shopping, Theaters, and more!
[ StitcherSam ] The ACA Entertainment Theater is beginning its first production...
...Newsies! More information about that will be released soon.

[ BrerRabbit_ ] ACA Central will also have some deluxe hotels including, Art of Cinematic Resort, a Marvel Resort, and Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser. All will be extremely immersive.

[ StitcherSam ] So, what about all the shopping and dining at ACA Central? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a ton of it at Downtown Disney! A one-of-a-kind place to discover popular buildings from all the Downtown Disney areas around the globe!
[ BrerRabbit_ ] Not only will Downtown Disney include Dining and Shopping options, but it will also include some immersive attractions such as the Void, a VR Experience, and Splitsville Luxury Lanes.

[ StitcherSam ] Sounds amazing! But what about those two new parks?
[ BrerRabbit_ ] Well, why don’t we tell them about those parks? Let’s start with...
[ StitcherSam ] Disney’s Adventure Bay takes all the good of the world-wide Disney parks and mixes them together in one giant park for you, the explorers, to enjoy!
The park will feature many iconic attractions, such as Space Mountain from Disneyland Paris, Mystic Manor from Hong Kong Disneyland, and Journey to the Center of the Earth from Tokyo DisneySea.
It is a true playground filled with magic! Now, isn’t there a second park as well?

[ BrerRabbit_ ] Yes, there is! I’m proud to announce that development has begun on
Nintendo World, a Nintendo-based theme park!
The many realms of Nintendo games have collided into one, and they are inviting you to take an adventure with them! Race on the tracks of Mario Kart, plummet down Yoshi Falls, and discover the dark secrets within Luigi’s Mansion!

Now I assume you must all have questions with so much information being let out. We know that a lot of questions may be about applications. I’ll let Sam take it away.
[ StitcherSam ] Will applications open for ACA Entertainment? The easy answer is - yes! When? That’s a whole different story.
We plan on bringing all applications to our ACA Central plot. This means we will be re-evaluating Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Marvel Cinematic Universe Park staff members. This will benefit us as they aren’t very organized at the time.
With this, all current staff members that are not Coordinators or above will be let go of and will have to reapply. Our parks do have a lot of inactive staff members and we would rather have a fresh start to see brand new faces around the parks!

[ BrerRabbit_ ] And that wraps up tonight’s panel! Thank you all so much for attending our panel, and we can’t wait to see you very soon!


Holding Auditions: Tips and Tricks Panel:

[TPC] For our last panel today, it will be Holding Auditions: Tips and Tricks! Please welcome FuzzyMcDonut and StitcherSam!

[ StitcherSam ] Welcome to the Auditions workshop - where you'll be learning all the tips and tricks on how to pass your auditions for musicals, or applications for parks/companies!
Whether you're applying for a musical like Mamma Mia or Aladdin, or maybe applying for something like Disney Cruise Lines or TomorrowVerse, we're here to help!
[ FuzzyMcDonut ] Or Newsies! ;)
[ StitcherSam ] I'll let FuzzyMcDonut take it away first.

[ FuzzyMcDonut ] Like Sam said, we'll be advising you all on auditioning and holding auditions!
I, specifically, will be talk more along the lines of non-musical shows. Like firework shows.
Because of my auditions, I managed to collect a talented and dedicated staff!
How did I do this?
Well, there were a few things I preplanned...

Have guidelines!
Do you require discord? Experience with boats or elytras?
This is important so that your staff can be comfortable and aware!
Anyways, let's get on to the actual auditions...
I think I would like to hold a demonstration...
(DerpyRamenNoodle comes up on stage.)
One of the ways I auditioned my actors was giving them a small dance sequence to memorize! :D
Sounds hard, I know.
(It's not >:))
Derp, over here!
For instance.
(DerpyRamenNoodle does a dance.)
Just like that!
See? Auditioning isn't hard if you know what to do!

I would also tell my auditioners to locate ceratin places in the castle to familiarize themselves.
I made it a comfortable and fun game, I used Simon Says!
Now, I'm gonna pass it over to Sam to discuss auditions for musicals, since I have little experience. :D

[ StitcherSam ] Howdy, y'all.
Musicals are a lot similar.
I will be explaining some tips on them.
As I am currently directing 4 Palace Musicals at the moment (p.s.: please do check out Aladdin this weekend :(), I have a bit of experience as to seeing other players and their abilities.
Yes, 4. Am I losing my mind? Most likely.
So - auditions can be pretty simple or difficult sometimes.
Directors and Producers usually choose easy guidelines for their auditioners, while others - not so much.
For example, some guidelines would require you to do simple movements such as:
(A dance.)
While others:
(Another dance.)
Can be much more difficult.
Let's say Newsies is opening. (Not yet lol.)
As you may know, Newsies has some - difficult choreography.
If you're interested in Newsies, for example, you must - I hate to use this word, but - study.
Study characters, movements, and other simple things.
Please note that if you're looking for someone like Jack Kelly, for example, your movements have to show a type of bold or confident vibe.
Directors usually look for very talented players, so it's best to study movement on Minecraft.
Since we're pretty limited on what we can do (basically just punching the air and pretending you're in a power-solo), you have to make the most of it.
If you're a musical auditioner, be mindful of the lag spikes and crashing that could go on during productions.
Like Aladdin, for example.
This year's premiere went very smoothly!
Last year was uh, ...
(We crashed the server 2 times last year. Don't question it, and don't blame me. I was just playing Aladdin.)
That's about all I have to say!

[ FuzzyMcDonut ] Any questions?

(Questions were answered.)

[ FuzzyMcDonut ] Alright, so,
announcement time!
I run the parks Prehistoric Park.. and
It'll be opening with Mamma Mia in the future!
Featuring an interactive museum, waterpark, and other attractions.
Dino-themed, of course!

Next to our museum will be...
The theatre for Mamma Mia!

And guess what!
Mamma Mia auditions... open.
June 13 at 1:00 PM EST!
DM me on discord if you are interested!
And be sure to show up!

And also, guess what?!!
All characters are open.
Sophie, Donna, Rosie, Tanya, All 3 dads, Sky, and Extras!

Now, a less exciting but still fun announcement.
Prehistoric Park's renovations!
We are about halfway finished!

I would like to announce the new ride,
Twin Pterodactyls!
A dueling coaster taking you on the simulated journey on the back of your favorite flying dino!
This show will also feature a preshow!
With two new park characters!
Who have yet to be named...
They will be joining Tiara and Churro on the new mascot team!

Final announcement....
New show, on the new lagoon!
It is a BIG secret. :D
That's all I got to say! Check out our booth sometime! Have a great night!

[TPC] That is all for Day 1 of ThemeParkCon!



SeaWorld Palace: The Future is Coming... Panel:

Since this panel took place on Discord, a full transcript is unavailable. Here is a compilation of the announcements from the panel-

- Journey To Atlantis opening June 6th! (Saturday).
- Manta opening in the next couple of weeks!
- Sesame Street opening in the next month!
- Icebreaker is coming to SWPE!
- Orca Encounter is coming!
- Electric Ocean will begin at the end of the month!
- Aquatica opening June 7th at 3PM EST!
- Discovery Cove opening soon!
- Applications open.
- Antarctica is coming, along with Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins.
- Mako will be coming soon!


Welcome to the World - WYZE USA Panel:

[TPC] Please welcome klook_ as he presents his panel, Welcome to the World - WYZE USA!

[ klook_ ] Welcome to my panel everyone!
Today i would like to show off my new project, The World.
The World Is a large array of islands in the shape of our planets earth.
These Islands are man-made and will be in the water.
They will feature hotels, food venues, entertainment, shopping, and shows according to their location on their location on the world.
The islands will feature multi-million dollar estates.

WYZE USA is a spin-off rebranding of WAYZE USA once Luna Parks & Entertainment.
We have produced hotels, shows (Such as the Blue Man Group),
entertainment venues such as Luna Park,
and even partnerships with large airports!
We are really on the verge of the tourism market and we want to be the best.
Thank you everyone for observing and go and check out out booth!
Have a great rest of your day at TPC!


C & D Industry- Wishes Live Debut! Panel:

[ WowItsCow ] Hi everyone and welcome to the Wishes Live! Panel. During this panel we will talk all about our show.
[ DecentDorito ] This panel includes answering any questions you have, how to get tickets, and announcing the first showing!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming, we really appreciate it and with that being said, lets begin!
[ WowItsCow ] Our production, if you haven't heard it yet is Wishes Live! This means we have live actors and fireworks going off at the same time!

[ DecentDorito ] So a few of you may be asking, isn't this just gonna be like some Walmart version of Wishes?
[ WowItsCow ] No no no, this is no Walmart version, as you say. This is the real deal I mean, we even got Solar7 Adventure to sponsor us!
In case you are living under a rock and don't know what Wishes it is about making a wish and believe is m a g i c . 
[ DecentDorito ] Right, we did the basic story but added acting.

[ WowItsCow ] During the show this girl wishes upon a star, youll later find her name to be Bella.
[ DecentDorito ] She goes on to meet a whole bunch of your favorite Disney characters, while they make wishes throughout their journey. A few of the characters she will meet are the Genie, Jiminy Cricket, The Blue Fairy, and many more!
[ WowItsCow ] While the girl meets some of your favorite Disney characters, you will also go through some of the most memorable scenes in their movies; Like making wishes with the Genie or helping Hercules find his way!
[ DecentDorito ] We still have some work to do on the production but what we have so far will hopefully leave you impressed and amazed.

[ WowItsCow ] You may be asking yourself, how can I book tickets for this production that looks super cool and totally awesome.
[ DecentDorito ] Great question; During our preview/tomorrow we will be allowing people to book tickets! Please MSG me (DecentDorito) to book a ticket!

[ WowItsCow ] At the end of this panel we will announce when our first show is happening!
[ DecentDorito ] All you have to do is TPA to DecentDorito when told to do so, if you want to see the preview. You now may be wondering, why should I book tickets?
[ WowItsCow ] Well, why not? They are free, it comes with a meal plan, you get to meet the cast, and enter a raffle to sit in the best seats in the house and youre stuck in quarantine, what else is there to do!
[ DecentDorito ] What happens during your meal plan? Well, you get to go in this cute dining area and you get free food and flowers! The flowers will be used for your needs/wants or to give to the actors and tech crew. ❤️

[ WowItsCow ] Speaking of the tech team.. Would anyone like to meet some of them?!
[ DecentDorito ] First we have the lovely ijaypea, he is a part of the tech crew for this very technologically advanced show.
[ WowItsCow ] ijaypea, could you answer some questions?
[ ijaypea ] Sure!
[ WowItsCow ] What is your favorite part about being in the Wishes cast?
[ ijaypea ] I love to be apart of this crew and its so fun!
[ WowItsCow ] What is your favorite part about the show?
[ ijaypea ] The whole show honestly! There is alot of work put into it!
[ WowItsCow ] And the last question! Why should people come see this show?
[ ijaypea ] People should see the show because we have put SO much work into it and the show is AMAZING!

[ DecentDorito ] We also have a few members in the back! Give it up for these awesome cast members! Woohoo!

[ WowItsCow ] We also have FuzzyMcDonut!
So Fuzzy, I'm gonna ask you some questions.
What is your favorite part about being in the Wishes cast?
[ FuzzyMcDonut ] Cow and Dorito are my friends. From what I saw of the show, it looks good so far.
[ WowItsCow ] What is your favorite part about the show?
[ FuzzyMcDonut ] I like that it has live actors. That's something I enjoy of course because I have you two in my cast as well!
[ WowItsCow ] Give it up for the wonderful tech crew of Wishes!
Now, any questions?

(Questions were answered.)

[ WowItsCow ] Now back onto the Wishes topic, Last but certainly not least, Wishes Live is having its opening weekend July 3rd-5th, 2020!
[ DecentDorito ] So in around a month, we hope to see you all again!
[ WowItsCow ] If you have any question MSG WowItsCow or DecentDorito. And on behalf of the Wishes Live staff, we hope you all have a magical rest of your day and that all your wishes will come true!
[ DecentDorito ] Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoyed! ❤️

Fantasmic: Be There When The Night Ignites! Panel:

This panel announced the focus of Fantasmic- being a custom spin on the show with Donald as the main focus instead of Mickey. The first showing of Fantasmic! is June 12 at 9:00 PM EST. After that announcement, a preview of the completed show was presented at /plotwarp fantasmic_


Fuse @ TPC 2020 Panel:

[TPC] Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We'd like to thank you for coming out tonight. And now, we are proud to present... Fuse Entertainment Company at ThemeParkCon 2020! Please welcome Web and Clock!

[ Web ] Greetings everyone, and welcome to Fuse's panel tonight!
[ Clock ] For those of you who don't know, I'm Clock, and this is Web.
We are the Director's of Fuse Entertainment Company.
[ Web ] Tonight, we've got a lot of spectacular announcements for you lined up, but first, a quick message.

I'd just like to say how thankful the team are for all of you deciding to come visit our fun little convention.
It takes a lot of work to put these on, but it's worth it when we see how well you guys as a community come together to celebrate the things you love.
But, basically, I'd like to say THANKS to everyone here in our audience. Thanks for taking time out of your day to be here!

Ok, ok, enough with the sappy stuff.
[ Clock ] With that and mind, lets get moving on to our first park!
Fantasy Valley...
[ Web ] I'll let Clock handle announcements for FV!

[ Clock ] As you all know, Pandora: The World of Avatar has been in development for a few months now.
And we are proud to say, we've made a lot of progress!
So much so, that we're ready to give an opening timeline.
You'll be able to soar with banshee's and explore the Valley of Mo'ara... in...
September 2020 - Pandora: The World of Avatar at Fantasy Valley
[ Web ] That's right- Pandora is going to be coming your way September!
[ Clock ] Pandora is sure to bring new life to the park.
Especially a night.
Which reminds me...

We've been working on HEA for... what 2 years? xD
Well... I'm happy to announce that we are still working on it, and it should debut by the end of this year!
[ Web ] Sorry for the wait- it takes time to get things right, and we know it'll be worth it in the end.

[ Clock ] We at Fuse have a lot of old projects to tell the truth.
But some stories tend to go around...
Like what's in that old house in the enchanted forest?
That's right...
The Haunted Mansion will be coming to Fantasy Valley!
But not just the Haunted Mansion,
we have a whole new area planned over there... we're just not ready to say yet.

[ Web ] As you can see, we've got a lot of plans in store for FV.
[ Clock ] Lastly at Fantasy Valley, we're working on a new transit hub to connect to the other Fuse plots.
You may ask, why a new one? what about the current one?
Well... that corner of the plot's been looking a little dry...
Almost as if it's... Grizzly Gulch!
Coming to Fantasy Valley in the future, Grizzly Gulch will host new attractions, restaurants, and shopping in the park.
Including, A runaway mine train type attraction, to be named later...
[ Web ] Us at Fuse have never really dipped our toes into a Frontier style area, so we're really excited to build this!

[ Clock ] But let's use that new transit hub and fly on over to our next plot.
[ Web ] Alright guys, It's time to talk about a park years in development!
One that has been teased for a very long time...
[ Clock ] Another project announced long ago...

[ Web ] Fuse's Hollywood Adventure!
[ Clock ] Hooray for Hollywood!
[ Web ] This park, originally announced in 2019, is still in development, yes.
[ Clock ] This plot is going to be different then what you know though.
[ Web ] We've decided to go back to the drawing board to create something even better for you, which means spectacular new lands that you would have never imagined... but that'll have to wait.
[ Clock ] It will include a Hollywood Blvd type area.

[ Web ] However...
We are proud to announce...
That a big new ride,
is going to be opening at FHA.

That's right... it's "Hooray for Hollywood" at the Great Movie Ride!
The Great Movie Ride will be an opening day attraction!
But that's not all.
[ Clock ] Ready when you are Web!
[ Web ] So will Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway!
That's right- a DOUBLE FEATURE!
[ Clock ] Why choose, when you can have BOTH!
[ Web ] We are hard at work for developing BOTH rides for you on opening!
We are incredibly excited to show you what we've been working on for these rides.

[ Clock ] And at night, we have a fantastic new firework show in development, designed by our own DisQuick,
that will light up the night sky over the Chinese Theatre!
[ Web ] Dis has been working on this show for a long time, hasn't he?
[ Clock ] Yeah...

[ Web ] While we still can't announce a date yet, we can't wait to let you experience it!
[ Clock ] It is sure to excite, immerse, and entertain!

Immerse in movie themed lands, one of which will be based on our favorite adventurer.
Indiana Jones!
This land will include the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, and one more attraction to be announced later.

[ Web ] Oh, my gosh!
How could I forget?
[ Clock ] What Web?

[ Web ] While we can't announce a specific date...
We can confirm that FHA will be coming at you in 2021!

Alright, I think that's all we have for FHA.
[ Clock ] Hopping back on Fuse Transports state of the art buses, we take a quick stop here at EpiCentral.
Right next door to WT actually...
The Escapist Experience will be returning to EpiCentral!
[ Web ] That's right. Right next door to the theatre you are in right now, we are working hard on our take on escape rooms!
While we can't confirm much yet, we can tell you to expect it soon!
[ Clock ] It's sure to add even more to EpiCentral.
[ Web ] Get ready to escape with some style soon!

[ Clock ] Let's hop on the Fuse Skyliner now.
with non-stop flights to...
[ Web ] TomorrowVerse.

Last year at October, we closed this park for "maintenance".
But little did they know...
It was a total rehaul.
We cleared the place to the ground and built it anew.
We're almost close to opening it.
But, let's not get ahead of ourselves...
Clock, do you want to explain what guests can expect when it opens?
[ Clock ] Sure!

The TomorrowVerse you knew is gone. The Next Generation is Here.
[ Web ] We've worked hard to re-imagine this park to make it as best as it can be.
[ Clock ] TVRS is now a perfect mix of Tomorrowland, and FutureWorld, past and present.

[ Web ] Some experiences you can expect are...
[ Clock ] The Living Seas.
[ Web ] Space Mountain.
[ Clock ] The Land.
[ Web ] Innoventions.
[ Clock ] Autopia.
[ Web ] Alien Encounter... and, finally...
The big one.

You can take the trip you've always dreamed of.
[ Clock ] Horizons.
This is no ordinary Horizons.
We've taken the best from Spaceship Earth and Horizons, and blended them together into one seamless attraction.
[ Web ] This is going to be not only a trip you dreamed of, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
And it's going to be there opening day.
[ Clock ] Horizons will contain state of the art technology and will be stuffed full of detail at every turn in the timeline.

[ Web ] Oh, uhm...
[ Clock ] Yeah?
[ Web ] Did we announce the opening date yet?
[ Clock ] I think we forgot.
But we've said it before.
The Next Generation Begins June 13th, 2020.
[ Web ] One week.
Between you.
And the future.
Get ready...
...for the Next Generation.

[ Clock ] We have some stuff in the works that won't be there on Day 1.
[ Web ] Yeah, TVRS won't just be a 1-and-done! We're also working on attractions for after opening day.
[ Clock ] Should we tell them Web?
[ Web ] You think they're ready?
I dunno...
[ Clock ] I think so, let's do it.
[ Web ] Alrighty.
[ Clock ] You guys are ready right?
(Audience says yes.)
Yeah, let's tell em.
They sound ready to me.

[ Web ] The Guardians are coming to TomorrowVerse.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is coming to TomorrowVerse!
[ Clock ] They won't be there on opening day, but Fuse is hard at work bringing the galaxy to you.
[ Web ] This will be one of the first recreations of this attraction on Palace. We can't wait to show you it!
[ Clock ] I believe that wraps up our projects going on.
[ Web ] Alright, I'm a little tired of typing here. XD
But thanks to everyone who came out tonight!
Remember- The Next Generation starts June 13th, 2020! In 1 week!
[ Clock ] We can't wait to share the next big Fuse projects with you. Thanks for being a part of it!
[ Web ] We'll see you all there! Have a great night, and see you tomorrow for TPC - The Final Day!
Goodnight everyone!

[TPC] That is all for Day 2 of ThemeParkCon!



Mean Girls - A Sneak Peek! Panel:

[TPC] Please welcome _jamesss_!

[ _jamesss_ ] Hey y'all. Welcome to Mean Girls!
We thank you all for coming! We want you to enjoy the show, and don't leave at the end, ActualFacts has a surprise you wont get ogre, now to Sam, before our performance!
[ StitcherSam ] Onto the preview! Enjoy!

(Preview happens.)

[ _jamesss_ ] I would just like to thank you all for coming. I would like to allow our extras to come out an bow and our mains.
And now, for our biggest announcement!
Here we will first let BrerRabbit_ speak.
This will be regarding ActualFacts' theatre.

[ BrerRabbit_ ] Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a good time at TPC on it's 3rd day!
I am a producer from "Her Majesty's Theater", owned and operated by ActualFacts.
Our theater company will be bringing a new production to creative very soon! I'll let ActualFacts tell you about it!
[ ActualFacts ] Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to the Mean Girls preview and panel !! I hope you are all excited for this amazing musical that James and Sam will be bringing to life on Palace!
I am, If you didn't already know.. ActualFacts. Former Shows and Tech Admin/Lead.. Shameless plug there.
I am also here today to announce Her Majesty's theatre! Partnered with ACA.We are a new venture by StitcherSam, jamesss, Disco_Yeti and WillingWings81!
Her Majesty's Theatre will be a multi-purpose built venue that will be able to host shows, concerts, musicals and more!
We are also the FIRST theatre that will be able to allow YOU to rent out for your productions. Pending on some strings I may need to be pulling.
Now, I am also excited to announce the first FULL production coming to HMT...
Puss In Boots!
Just kidding, It's Shrek.
[ _jamesss_ ] Before we go, I just want to shout Regentcy and SnowGolem34 out. They were unable to make the rehearsal so they couldn't do the show. We applaud their confidence,
and finally, thank you to stitchersam for putting time into directing this show!
Enjoy the rest of your day!


Frogs Through Time! Panel: 

[TPC] Please welcome the frog himself, pifpif, as he presents the Frogs Through Time! Panel!

[ pifpif ] Hello everyone and welcome to the Frogs Through Time (FTT) panel! I'll try to make this quick so you can continue with your day!
As you might already know, there is a HUGE FTT theme park in the works, we didn't give much info other than that so here is some stuff that's coming!

There are SO many different attractions coming to this park like dueling coasters, launch coasters, dark ride/coasters, normal coasters, log flumes, river rapids, dark rides, people movers, and walkthroughs!
It will feature 7 completely different and immersive lands like Future Land where you can wonder the streets of a futuristic city! Medieval Age where you can walk through Sir Frogsolats castle, just make sure to not go in the dungeon!
Last land we will reveal is the Prehistoric Land! Run away from a T-Rex in a thrilling launch coaster and float through the prehistoric rivers, just beware of waterfalls!
The park will be like something you have NEVER seen before! It will convey a story throughout each ride, each land, each show! Its gonna be a unique experience you wont want to miss!

Okay, last announcement of the day! It is a sad one...
To make way for the FTT theme park, Frogs Through Time will be operating for the LAST time on June 14th. :(
You still have a couple days to get your last rides!
Yes, it's sad but WAY better stuff is on its way! If you haven't ridden FTT yet we might open after the last panel tonight!
This concludes our panel, if anyone has any questions they can ask right now!

(Questions were answered.)


FunCorner Panel:

[TPC] Please welcome leinix as she presents the FunCorner Panel!

[ leinix ] Welcome to the FunCorner Panel!
During the panel, please remain seated. At the end of the panel, I will be answering all your questions.
If you stick around till' the end, you'll get a gift for joining me today. (ENDED)
Before starting, let me introduce myself! Hello! I'm leinix, people call me, Lee, and I'm the founder and Guest Relations Manager here at FunCorner!

Let me give you a bit of info about the plot. Funcorner is a Carnival/Theme Park type park, we offer anything you can think of from a carnival and theme park. From high-speed coasters to Mini-Games! Funcorner is the corner of fun! We currently have 6 things.

First off, we have Mickey's Adventure! It was the first ride to be built at the park!
It's a water ride that takes you through the evolution of Mickey's journey! The ride is a bit slow but definitely worth it! It offers special effects, information about each scene, and a few words from Walt Disney himself and a special goodbye from Mickey!
This ride was made with Show Creator! So it will be runned by staff of the park.

Anyone wanna know when the ride opens?
This month.
Make sure to keep a look out on the Palace Network Discord #creative channel! :)

Moving along, we have the FunCorner Teacups! It's a pretty fun ride so when the park opens you should totally check it out!

So, let me tell you about the parkour and the Mini-Games! As I said earlier, we have 2 Mini-Games and a parkour.
First, we have the Arrow Game!
Which goal is to hit the pressure plate on the ground. Its pretty hard but who doesn't like a challenge!
Next up we have Don't Hit the Water, its inspirited by the game Pie Face.
You have to get a number from the dispenser and the number that it says on the paper, its the amount of time you will hit the button.
We then have the parkour.
It goes by the name Wipe-Out, Its a hard parkour if you don't get your timing right.
If you want the full experience, we suggest that you wait for a staff member of the park.

Last thing we will be talking about is staff applications.
All staff applications are currently open, we have Cast Member, Builder and Redstone Engineer.
They all require discord so make sure to have discord before applying! Let me talk about a few things each role has.
A Cast Member helps a guest with any questions or issues that they may have in the park and they also guide them around. A Builder helps with builds all around the park. And Lastly, The Redstone Engineer helps and creates everything redstone related, it could be a ride track or a mini game! If your up for the challenge, Make sure to message us at the end of the panel to apply! Good Luck!
We are currently working on a project, who wants a hint?
"Winnie the Pooh"!
I think that's all that we have today! Thank you all for coming!


Tokyo DisneySea "The Adventure Continues" Panel:

[TPC] Please welcome the amazing builder, Super_lego_13 as he presents the Tokyo DisneySea "The Adventure Continues" Panel!

[ Super_lego_13 ] Hello everyone and welcome to the MIC ENT panel. Let introduce myself, I am the CEO of MIC ENT. Super_lego_13!
First of all, I want to thank you all for being here, and also a thank to TPC for making these kinds of events here, in creative!

I would like to start with the theme park industry since MIC ENT currently operates TOKYO DISNEY SEA Theme park at /plotwarp TDSea.
As you probably know, TDS temporarily closed its doors to be renovated, but with renovation we are not talking about small changes since our 3 main attractions that operate today are being renovated with armor stands, new effects and better theming!
That means that the attractions will not be as you known them before, they will be better!
Now let’s go with the big announcements that are going to leave everyone speechless.

Nestled in the hills of Mediterranean Harbor, the Museum of Fantastic Flight is dedicated to humankind’s enduring dream of flying. A grand tour of the museum culminates with Guests boarding the Dream Flyer…
As you probably already guessed SOARING FANTASTIC FLIGHT will come to creative this June! We do not have an exact opening date yet, but we can assure you that it will be soon!

Shrink down to the size of Remy and duck, dive, dodge and scurry to safety in a dazzling chase across a gigantic kitchen.
Yes! Ratatouille: The Adventure Its coming to the Mediterranean Harbor, Remy travels to Italy to open his new franchise but things get a little out of control! you will be able to experience this attraction late this year!

Tokyo Disney is building the largest expansion created for a theme park, Pandora, the word avatar, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, Cars Land and the lost river delta will come together in one land to make an experience never seen before!
The new land its a custom land with his own history! its called, Calakmul Lost island! Right now, I am posting some pictures on the #creative channel on the Palace Network discord!
As I am sure you want to hear the story here I leave it to you!

On 1940 a small group of families and explorers from Mexico got lost on the sea for almost 1 year, until they find the most precious island ever, "Calakmul".
The island wasn't a common one, cause it had some weird species and they believed there was magic in the island. They start a civilization there and they find the way of living.
On 1989, a famous explorer got interested on the island, his name is Indiana Jones. He arrived to the island and he needs volunteers for making an expedition to the temple.
It's rumored that the temple has an ancient mask that makes yo see the future, called “Palech”.
All the citizens have advertised Indiana to not enter the temple or the goods will cause the destruction of the island, but they don't pay attention to the advertises.
Now you are about to arrive to the island, and the future of the world is in your hands.

Sounds exciting doesn't it? Well, the land will have two E-TICKET attractions The main one will be called “India Jones and the Palech Mask”.
After you accepted to be a volunteer on the excavation and exploration of the temple, you will board a jeep and traveling throw the temple trying to find the mystical ancient mask called "Palech", but the things will get terrible wrong.
This ride will have a launch and a similar ride system as “Radiator springs racers” making this attraction the fastest one on the park!

The second attraction its going to be a high speed indoor Roller coaster similar to “The mummy” at USO! With backwards parts!
We are hoping to get this land opened by JULY of this year!

That's it for the park industry, now its time for the BIG shows and events coming to creative this year!

Any horror fans out there?
Well this year will be the premier of “Villans Horror Nights” at TOKYO DISNEY SEA” a Horror event just like horror nights but instead of normal horror mazes, all the mazes will be themed to Disney Villans"!
Waking up their biggest fears 5 extreme terror mazes will arrive at the park, and this year's host will be Maleficent!

Tokyo Disney Sea is Home of one of the biggest shows ever made for a Disney Theme Park.
A show that is a fan favourite in real life.
FANTASMIC! Will be coming to principal lagoon late this Summer! With Live actors, Fountains, Video Mapping on the volcano, Ships, Fireworks and More!
We will open auditions for this amazing night time spectacular really soon!

As you may now Aladdin: The Palace Musical will have the last showings tomorrow, you can get a ticket, if you haven’t yet at /plotwarp TDSea but this is not the end for MIC ENT Theatrical.

And finally, a big announcement to the Theater and Broadway Musicals is now going to be announced here at creative!
A brand new musical its coming to a brand new theater here at creative...
he biggest theater ever build at creative, 3 floors of seating.
“THE NEW AMSTERDAM THEATER” A 1:1 replica of the real New Amesterdam theater on Broadway will be premiering a new musical…

Get ready to sing, dance and hear all that jazz on…
Auditions will be open really soon! and the cast of the show will be directed by StitcherSam as in ALADDIN The Palace Musical, “SAM is The best Cast Director on creative!” -Super_lego_13
That was all from me and I hope you liked this panel that revealed many surprises coming to Tokyo Disnet Sea and MIC Theatrical.

[TPC] Thanks for coming to the MIC Panel! Please exii- NO, NO, NO! Wait! Don't go yet! Please, remain seated. A message from TPC is incoming.


End Of TPC Panel:

[TPC] Please welcome the host of ThemeParkCon, Web.

[ Web ] Hello everyone! Wasn't that a spectacular panel?
MIC really pulled out all the stops!
Okay okay, but in all seriousness, I gotta level with you guys.

As you all know, today was the last day of TPC 2020.
And, oh boy, what a weekend has it been!
All of you are the reasons I continue to do this show for you. This community is amazing!
And, as we reach the end of TPC 2020, I'd just like to say... thank you.
Thanks from the entire team for supporting our event!

Now, as you all know, we've got another panel at 8:30 PM ET. But...
What if I were to tell you, we have a surprise event?
At 8:00 PM ET tonight, Fuse Entertainment will proudly be presenting a firework show long in development at Fantasy Valley!
Happily Ever After: Sneak Peek will be showing at Fantasy Valley tonight at 8:00 PM ET! The team and Clockwork2002 have been working hard on it, and we can't wait to show you our progress!
Now, it's not done yet. It's only a sneak peek, but we've still got a lot done!
We can't wait to show you! :)

Now, one last announcement.
This one... isn't too fun, but it's important I say it anyway.
TPC has been running for 4 years now.
But, sadly, I'm sorry to say that this will be the last year.
Next year, I'm going to be graduating, and moving onto another stage of my life. But, don't let that discourage you!
I've still had a blast building, creating, and developing with you, and I can't wait to see what we do in the next year :)
Thank you all for your amazing support. You are all the best!
Don't worry- I'm not leaving yet! I've still got a whole year left.
Anyway, thank you all for your support! Now, let's go out there and finish TPC off right!
I hope you'll look forward to our Happily Ever After Sneak Peek at 8:00 tonight! Don't miss it!

[TPC] That is all for ThemeParkCon 2020 and also the last one... Hope everyone enjoyed the memories we had with you throughout the past 4 years!


DOCUMENT MADE BY: SorcererAndrew

EVENT MADE BY: TheWebCon and Clockwork2002.


DAY 1:
Solar7 Years of Magic, and More to Come
New Magic Coming on the High Seas
AdventureWorld Parks Panel
The Next Step Into The Future
Holding Auditions: Tips and Tricks

DAY 2:
SeaWorld Palace: The Future is Coming...
Welcome to the World - WYZE USA
C & D Industry- Wishes Live Debut!
Fantasmic: Be There When The Night Ignites!
Fuse @ TPC 2020

DAY 3:
Frogs Through Time!
Tokyo DisneySea "The Adventure Continues"
End Of TPC
New Happy World Land Park (POSTPONED)

MESSAGE FROM SorcererAndrew:

Thank you to Web and Clock for making such a great and fun event! This even felt like a official event at Palace! 
All the booths and panels were so good and I think everyone else enjoyed them as well! Since this is the last one, this was my actually first TPC I ever attended. 
It's sad to see it go, but yes it's for a reason that's really exciting for Web! I wish you the best Web, see you real soon! 



A big thanks to SorcererAndrew for taking the time to put this record together! I'm very happy that you all enjoyed ThemeParkCon and I can't wait to see these amazing projects that you all have revealed open one day. 

- TheWebCon



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