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504282507_Screenshot2020-06-16at18_02_47.thumb.png.7c027418894533bd72341add9a051799.pngrunPalace is back for the pride season! runPalace: Rainbow Run will take place this Saturday, June 20th in Typhoon Lagoon.


What is runPalace?

runPalace is a marathon event hosted throughout the Disney parks on the Palace Network. There will be obstacles, challenges, and surprises all the way down the track, so it truly is not an ordinary racing event. Along side all of that, winners of these races will also receive some pretty large and exciting prizes! (Don't worry those who don't win, we'll also have a little participation treat in store for you!)


Important Details

When: Saturday, June 20th

Time: 2:30PM EST

Where: Typhoon Lagoon (Warp will be announced on the day).

What to wear: Rainbow she better do! (Your most colourful and prideful attire!)



1st Place: Shareholder for 1 Month (If Shareholder: you will receive a cosmetics bundle of your choice) 

2nd Place; Rank Upgrade (If you are Honorable: you will receive a cosmetics bundle of your choice) 

3rd Place; Cosmetic bundle of your choice 

4th Place: $500 in game dollars and 250 Tokens 

5th Place: $300 in game dollars and 150 Tokens


Additional Information

The course will stretch across the entire Typhoon Lagoon map, and has been altered with twists and turns. Staff members are dotted around the map to ensure you don’t get lost - and you should be able to see the course ahead of you at all times. 

After our race we will crown our top five winners, and then celebrate with a ‘finish line’ party. There will be food, music and special friends! Come along and celebrate pride season with us! See you there!


RSVP here: 


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