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welp. time for another one

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So. I guess I should introduce myself seeing as I want to be more active on Palace *going great isn't it?*
So uh... This. Is. Me.

Most commonly I'm researching. If I'm not, I'm watching Tech videos. If not, I'm coding or making a Virtual Machine. If I'm not doing either of them, you can probably see me dancing to Undertale non-stop

I like playing online games. Just no voice chat. Guess you could call me NoMicCJ.

I used to be known as cjh66.

I like old school stuff. Anything released between 1970 and 2000 immediately grabs my interest.
I LOVE Coding
And uh, yea. Thanks for reading this pointless intro. I have another few intros over here *excuse my TRASHY handwriting :|*



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