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Hello! My name is Davidzoo! Or davidly__!

You May know me for my parks on creative, posting a lot of pictures at the parks, riding rides, me walking around world showcase and more! 

My last Introduction was back in 2018- I think a lot has changed in my life since then! Let’s explore what’s new!


Joined Server: August 2015 (MCMagic)

Favorite Thing: Being with YOU! And seeing all of you everyday!

Favorite Park: EPCOT

Favorite Resort: Grand Floridian

Favorite Snack: Dole Whip, and Crepes!

Favorite WDW Ride: TestTrack

Favorite WDW Show: Epcot Forever

Favorite WDW Quick Service: Satu’li Canteen


About Me; I clearly love the Palace Community! I build for the server, and I make stuff for the server too! I am proud of that too! I also am a giant WDW and Epcot Fanatic! I always like trying new things (in my comfort zone of course) I don’t like trying things that may get me into trouble or people forcing me to. BUT I can try new food, new things, Anything! Change is Okay! I am really glad that the palace is one of the most Loving, And WELCOMING SERVER!! ❤️ 


I have had a Huge adventure here on this Lovely server ❤️! Every one of you is a new person in my life and makes a difference! Remember! It’s okay to be you!!!!!! 
So this is all for you

Thank you lovely folks! ❤️


I don’t mind if you talk to me! I don’t bite


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