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Hi there! I'm Collin! I have been playing on here since March 2014 or so (when it was McMagic). I took a break for a couple years, but I came back in April of 2020, and it's so hard to leave because of this AMAZING community! Some of my favorite things are hanging out with my friends, playing Minecraft, Dr. Pepper, the color green, music, traveling, watching hockey, and of course- Disney! I have been a Disneyland annual pass holder for most of my life (still am!), and a DCL Gold Castaway Club member! My favorite Disney ride is Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland (it's actually better than ROTR imo :O), but my favorite Disney ride in the American parks is Pirates of the Caribbean! Feel free to say hi to me around the servers, or if u want someone to talk to or a friend, I'm here for you! I just realized I probs kept you here WAYYYY too long (my bad), but have a magical day, and don't forget to love yourself!


baby groot hello GIF

My first visit to...

Disneyland Park in August 2004

Disney California Adventure in August 2004

Magic Kingdom in July 2013

Animal Kingdom in December 2013

Epcot in December December 2013

Hollywood Studios in December 2013

Tokyo DisneySea in July 2015

Tokyo Disneyland in July 2015

Disneyland Paris in June 2017

Walt Disney Studios Park in June 2017

Hong Kong Disneyland in June 2019

Shanghai Disneyland in June 2019

Disney Fantasy in July 2013

Disney Magic in October 2013

Disney Dream in June 2014

Disney Wonder in June 2016


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