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Asiatown Complex [Cancelled Project]

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It has been my dream for a long time to make a project like this in real life, but for now, I'd like to present Brim Co's plans for Asiatown. A large residential, commercial, and cultural area planned for Palce Survival Server.


Asiatown is split into 4 main sections including Chinatown, Little Manila, Little Tokyo, and Little Saigon. These 4 regions will all have distinct architectural styles that separate them.


Chinatown: Chinatown as you probably can guess will be a Chinese-styled area with a fishing village near the water, and a Chinese commercial street with housing on 2nd and 3rd floors. It will also house a replica of the Temple of Heaven from Beijing.



Little Manila: Manila is the capital of the Philippines, an nation in SE Asia composing of several thousand islands. I'm Filipino and Chinese, so this part of the build is very important to me. By the water facing spawn, there will be a beach styled after ones in Cebu. In the center of it is a small monument in a fountain based off of the Rizal Monument. The area surrounding will have architectural style of the FIlipino Colonial Period at the time when the Spaniards ruled the Philippines. The buildings have a mix of Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese influence. In the district, there are a mix of residential and commercial houses with commercial being mostly on the mainstreets. The area will also have a Jollybee, the best fastfood resto in Pinas (Short for Filipinas, which is how you say Philippines in Tagalog, the main language)!

Vigan - Wikipedia

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo will be a Japanese-styled village in Asiatown featuring a replica of the Itsukushima Shrine that welcomes you into Asiatown from the portal near spawn & a replica of the Goju-no-to Pagoda (5-story Pagoda). It also has a fish market, commercial streets and residential streets. It will be styled after Japanese architechture from around the 1800s.

JAPAN 2014 - Part 3: Kiso Valley - YouTube


Little Saigon: Little Saigon will be the smallest district, but that doesn't mean it will be anything short of impressive. This area will feature a vibrant Vietnamese market with lanterns lighting up the sky based off of the city of Hoi An. It will also have some residential nearby.

Delightful Hoi An - Easily Vietnam's most photogenic town


Asiatown will be a beautiful place to live and hangout. As mentioned previously, there will be residential buildings that can become your new home! It will become a place to live, trade, and chill! A place of beauty and joy! This is what is being planned for survival. If you want to check out the progress, go to spawn, you cannot miss it!

The area is still in development and we need you to help out in the project. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

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Updated Status of Project: Project On-Hold
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