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Park & Resort Rules.

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AW Parks & Resort Rules:

These rules are set for you're enjoyment of our Parks & Resorts. You are expected to follow these rules at all times.


-Flying is not permitted. (Aside from clearance from staff.) 3 Strikes = Park Deny


-Backstage Entering. (Only Permitted for special events.) 1 Strike = Park Deny


-Breaking & Entering (This include's but is not limited to- Entering construction areas, or Messing up things backstage.) 1 Strike = Park Deny


-Trolling. (Please do not annoy other guest and staff.) 3 Strikes = Park Deny 


Failure to Comply to these set rules will result in a park deny. Strikes are used to properly deescalate a situation. If you are caught bypassing the Park Deny system, Appropriate action will be taken to Palace Staff and the AW Co.


If you have further question about the AW CO. Please contact AW  Managers. You should be replied too as soon as possible! Thank you and have a great day! Here at AdventureWorld Parks and Entertainment!

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