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From yesterday's surprise showing 


     Ducktales Parade Pre-Show with Donald (@BrebLoaf), Launchpad (@PhantomFandoms), Louie (@AJK_Janey), Dewey (@elsiplay), and Scrooge (@ScroogeMcDuck)


    Flower Scene with Daisy (@BrebLoaf) and the Flowers (@elsiplay, @leinix, @WowItsCow)


     Snuff Out The Light Scene with Yzma (@BrianMaz9), Kronk ( @WowItsCow), Yzma's Possie ( @elsiplay, @leinix), and Background Dancers (@BrebLoaf, @PhantomFandoms, @AJK_Janey, @ScroogeMcDuck, @DecentDorito)

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