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Disney Questions!

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Hi guys! So I thought I would add a topic with some Disney themed questions for you to answer! This way I can find out more about you all! 


1. What is your favorite Disney MOVIE? (Either Beauty and the Beast, Lilo and Stitch, or Big Hero 6)

2. What is your favorite Disney character, and have you met them? (Stitch, and yes)

3. Favorite Disney ride? (Space Mountain)

4. Favorite Villain? (EVIL QUEEN ICONIC)

5. A good quote from a character? (Mirror, Mirror on the wall... -Evil Queen)

6. Disney or USO? (I pick Disney)

7. Favorite park? (MK, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, etc) (Mine is either MK or Epcot, take your pick XD)

8. LEAST favorite Disney character? (Probably...uh...don't hate me for this..I...uh...I guess I never saw the Band from Coco as much.. and didn't get their point?)

9. LEAST favorite movie? (Mine is...uh..I think..Don't come at me...but the Star Wars prequels as Disney owns them now-)

10. LAST but not LEAST, what movie have you watched the most? (Mine would be Hamilton or Beauty and the Beast) 

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  • Team Leaders

Oh I love this!

1. Frozen 2!

2. Honey Lemon, Elsa, Kristoff & Sven and Piglet! (Have only had the pleasure of meeting Piglet!)

3. Expedition Everest!

4. I love Cruella De Vil!

5. "As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen". - Winnie the Pooh

6. Disney!

7. Epcot is for sure my favourite!

8. Kermit the Frog (disgusting)

9. The Muppets 

10. Frozen 2 for sure! Big Hero 6 and Onward are close seconds! 

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Be prepared for a themed answer and lots of fangirling

2. ooof this is hard probably Hiro🙃might change tho LOL but I love everyone in Bh6 so

3. hm, I like a lot of rides! Maybe test track :)

4. Yzma and Scar >:3


6. Disney. Obviously

7. I love MK and Epcot mostly MK for now 

8. REE those are so hard

9. Don’t hate me but...does Hamilton count..?

10. Frozen 2, *cough cough* Big Hero 6, and Moana :D

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  • Coordinator

1. I could never pick just one favorite, but some of my top few are Tangled, Cinderella, and Hercules.

2. Stitch, yes. Pooh, no. :(

3. I love Big Thunder Mountain a lot!

4. Hades or Ursula. 

5. "A dream is a wish your heart makes" :) 

6. Disney! 

7. MK by far.

8. I can't think of any, LOL.

9. Cars 2.

10. Cars and Cinderella, lol. I've rewatched those so many times throughout my life.

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  • Cast Member

This is fun! 😊

1. So many good ones I love, but one of my favorites is Peter Pan!

2. Definitely Stitch or Donald! And yes, i’ve met both!

3. Rock n’ Rollercoaster or Test Track!

4. I like Maleficent!

5. “LET IT GO” - Elsa hehe

6. Disney!

7. Magic Kingdom!

8. Oh my, that’s a hard one. I don’t really like Mother Gothel and Lady Tremaine.

9. I don’t really dislike a lot of Disney movies, but one I remember not liking was a Wrinkle in Time, omg I thought that was horrible.

10. I’ve watched Up and the Incredibles a bunch from what I remember!


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  • Management Team

1. Mulan, Wall-e or Inside Out.

2. Mulan, Ian or Dr Facilier - Nope!

3. RRC.

4. Dr Facillier

5.I am short, fat and proud of that - Winnie the Pooh

6. Disney

7. Magic Kingdom

8. Snow White or Randal

9. The Sword and the Stone / The Good Dinosaur.

10. Mulan OR Inside Out (Legit me and Pink watch it all the time.)

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1. Alice in Wonderland!

2. Either Alice or Slinky!!

3. Slinky Dog Dash of course!

4. Yzma!

5. No idea really 😳

6. Disney!!!

7. Hollywood Studios is the best.

8. Snow White (don't hate me!)

9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 

10. Toy Story Four / Emperor's New Groove. 

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1.) Enchanted or Hercules.

2.) Olaf, and yes!

3.) TOT and RRC! 

4.) Hades. >:) 

5.) "It'll turn out alright in the end, you'll see." - Mrs. Potts

6.) Disney! ❤️ 

7.) Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom!

8.) I'm not sure! haha

9.) Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. 😳

10.) Hercules or The Muppets!

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  • Cast Member

1. all time favorite would have to be pirates of the carribean: curse of the black pearl, but the others are a toss up between princess and the frog or tangled!

2. winnie the pooh!! i always run to meet him when i'm in the parks 

3. it's between rise of the resistance, indiana jones, or flight of passage!

4. I LOVE MALEFICENT OR URSULA!! they're both so fabulous 

5. "how do you sell love? you don't spell it, you feel it" -piglet n pooh

6. disney fan for life!

7. at disney world, Epcot or MK!!

8. Ernesto de la Cruz! he tricked poor miguel :( 

9. snow white and the seven dwarfs! i've never finished the movie due to the evil mirror 

10. hehe also pirates of the carribean: curse of the black pearl! i memorized the movie script 

thanks for thinking of these questions maddie, they were so fun to answer!! ❤️ :cool2:

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