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Why is Creative News locked?

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Dear Creative,

TheWebCon here. I was just checking out the forums and saw that Creative News was locked from new topics. Why? It's a forum that is specifically designed to talk about new Creative theme parks, role-plays, and developments. It even says to hire builders for projects or invite people to roleplays- but that's impossible if you can't make new topics. "Are you working on a theme park on your plot and need some builders? Or maybe you're looking for some other players interested in a role play. Here's where you can talk about that!" (Creative News Forum Topic, Palace Network) Is there a specific reason why it's closed? Just wondering.

Regards, TheWebCon

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18 hours ago, quinnconnolly03 said:

@ScanWorks It is locked for me to! There is no button to create a new topic, and if it hit the create button on the website header I can't chose Creative news.
It might be unlocked for you since you are staff!

Same! I went there to advertise FantasyLand, and I can't!

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