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My name is TheWebCon. Introduction over.

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Okay, not really XD That's not the whole introduction.

So, hello! My name is TheWebCon, and I'm a person who plays games, more specifically Minecraft on Palace Network.

I'm a bit of a huge Nintendo fan, but love nothing more than theme parks. Disney, Universal, all the good stuff.

Um, I guess I should talk about what I do on the Palace server.

I'm most active on Creative, though you can see me on Main from time to time. On Creative, I run FUSE Entertainment with Clockwork2002, an amazing crafting genius.

I also have built TomorrowVerse Theme Park, and, at the time of this post, I am working on the EpiCentral (think Disney Springs, but without the Disney, and less shops, more interactive experiences).

So, yeah! That's about it. Thanks for reading :D

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