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Palace Daily News: July 15, 2020

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Good morning everyone!!!

Don’t forget to wish @baifelicia a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! And also, a big congrats to @Aquaticalo and @Apollo!!! Today is a brand new day so go and grab it!! Carpe Diem!! Whether you woke up early and went to get cinnamon rolls (like I did - was worth getting up at 6:30 am) or got that extra beauty sleep to look your best, make sure that first step out of bed was the first step in the right direction today. Go out there and show the world how awesome you are!! With a mask on plz!!  Love you all!!

Also on a more serious note, please keep Naya Rivera and her family in your thoughts and prayers today. Even if you did not watch Glee, Naya was a wonderful mother and person and the world will miss her fierce and unapologetic attitude and her brilliant talent.

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