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Palace Daily News: July 18, 2020

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Good Morning Everyone!! Here’s just a quick good morning message to you all!! It’s finally the weekend!! It’s the end of a long week so take time to reflect on what you did! How did you help yourself this week? How can you better yourself in the coming week? Also, I know a lot of you are stressed about applications, so remember to take your time to write the best answer for yourself! There is no right or wrong answer, per say, so write about your passions and how wonderful you feel about this server. Also, if you aren’t stressed, remember that some of your friends might feel this way. Make sure to know that they are loved and supported no matter what happens and that you will help then if necessary. I will be offline most of today for a trip but if anyone really needs it my DM is always open on Discord. I love you all very much 💕



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