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Palace Daily News: July 20, 2020

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GOOD MORNING!! Happy Monday Everyone!! My name is sofieremix and this is your daily palace news. The entire server was stunned last week as Guide Apps were finally reopened on the palace website. Many people have applied with some still filling out those last few questions. Ross has advised that applications be finished sooner rather than later in case of an early application close. Even though this is important, do not let this cause you stress. You all are wonderful and amazing and you GOT THIS!! Yes, not everyone will make it, but that does not mean you can’t still try again. Even if you do not end up becoming a guide, still be proud of yourself for trying and being brave enough to submit those questions. And hey, you don’t have to be a guide to keep spreading joy and happiness to everyone on here. In other news, @pinkiness revealed in the discord last night that despite the begging of many guests she will not be participating in a Muppet Vision 3D group ride when the ride reopens on the server. When asked to comment on whether she would change her mind or not, pink simply replied “noooo”. And our last story for today is WELCOME TO MANIFESTATION MONDAY!! This will be a weekly series where I remind everyone to go into the work week with high hopes and make sure they manifest the best version of themselves this week. This week we focus on empowerment. I know that this is not the easiest time for everyone. The outside world isn’t looking very pretty lately and even in the middle of summer we all have a lot of concerns. But remember, you are all incredibly strong willed individuals who can stand up against every evil and break down the barriers to the future you desire. You hold the key in your hands to the best path of life for you, so don’t lose sight of it! Who you are right now and where you came from will only matter if you want them to in the future. Your future self can be your best self if you push for it! So, put the pedal to the metal this week  And be yourself!! And that’s all for today’s daily updates I’m sofieremix and have a wonderful palace day everyone!!! Also, if you want to find more morning news, follow the “Sofieremix’s Daily Palace News” Club!! I’ll be posting my daily messages there along with some other news and motivations!! 

A Note to Everyone: Remember, we are always here for you. The world right now is not a pretty place but use this place as a beacon of light right now for your life. We are not just your minecraft friends, we are your family and i promise you, if you ever need anything at all, just send one of us a message and we will be there to help. For anyone on this server who has had corona or has lost someone from the virus we are ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU!! My dm is always open on Discord and you can always reach out to me there for anything at all. We will always be there to wrap our arms around you and to give you a shoulder to cry on. If you need anything ever, we are here to support you through these hard times. And if you are afraid to say anything, you can always reach out to staff for help. But trust me, the people on this server are amazing and love you all. When I got sick with the virus, it was the people online here that helped me get through the worst of my symptoms. So remember, we will never ever judge you for what you share. We are your rock, your family in the midst of this darkness. And we accept all your problems with open arms!!

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