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Palace Daily News: July 21, 2020

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GOOOOD MORNING PALACE PEEPS!! This is sofieremix with your daily palace news!! As @DanteGoatGhost reminded us, today is the birthday of the late Robin Williams - an amazing actor who played some of our most beloved movie characters. Keep him and his family in your thoughts today but also wish him a happy birthday from your heart. In more palace related news, welcome back @BobRosscoe!! We missed you and hoped your vacation was wonderful!! Moreover, shocking allegations occurred last night when @pinkiness allegedly offended Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy claims pink called her a “psycho” and a “drama queen”. This is the second allegation against pink this week - will she ever realize the talent of the Muppets? And today’s daily motivational reminder is that life is short. Yes, it is important to mourn those who have passed, but remember to also take this opportunity to manifest!! What is a big dream of yours? Does it seem impossible? Remember, it may appear impossible because you never sought out how to achieve it!! Today, focus on making your life happy - even if it’s not your ordinary routine, do what makes you happy because life is short. For example, I skipped yogurt this morning and made a bagel instead!! Also, remember always that if you ever need help or a place to vent, my DMs are always open as are other people’s. None of us will ever judge you for coming forward to speak about your issues or struggles. We all have been there too. And also remember even if it doesn’t seem like it on the surface, we all deal with problems, every day. So be kind to all because you never know what someone is going through. Well, that’s it for today’s updates!! I’m sofieremix signing off and saying have a beautiful palace morning!!!

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