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Palace Daily News: July 22, 2020

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Goood morning Palace peeps!! Welcome to your Daily Palace News! I'm your host sofieremix! Our top story this morning is a terrifying accident that occurred at the Mexico Pavilion in WDW. Jose, one of the three Caballeros, showed up to work fine in the morning, ready to perform at work. However, he suddenly collapsed mid performance. To the horror of guests, the other caballeros didn’t notice. A video posted on twitter shows the bird lying down on the stage. Please keep Jose and the other caballeros in your thoughts and prayers today and we hope he makes a speedy recovery. Our next story is focusing on our lovely mascot Harold the horse! Palace guests received a wonderful surprise last night when they had the opportunity to meet Harold in person. While most guests were overjoyed at the sight of their beloved palace friend, others were suspicious as Harold was signing autographs and still giving trolley rides at the time. Regardless, we congratulate Harold on his new promotion and please remember to feed him when he wakes up in an hour! In other Palace news, shocking debates occurred late last night and early this morning in gen chat one as guests scrambled to assemble a family tree containing staff members and guests. The network was in chaos and staff members fought over property over their children, claiming illegitimate adoptions and left children begging for new mothers. One palace staff member, RockNRoc- I mean @RRocco, commented on the event saying “It was just a madhouse, it is one thing where someone adopts someone and another person adopts them. That’s where the fun is.” Later on, Mr. Rocco went through an identity crisis as he was named the middle sister of the Palace Sisters, despite his outcries that he was a boy and a brother not a sister. And finally let us get to the most important part of our morning, your daily motivational topic!! Today’s theme is: Everybody matters!! Yes, I’m going to talk about guide apps. Guide apps do close tonight at 9PM EST - so if you havent finished up yet, hurry!! I know you all are very stressed out and worried about the decisions and the staff have been amazing beacons of support for us throughout this whole week. We couldn’t have done it without all of your support. But, as I mentioned last night, I have been noticing a lot of negativity in the chats the past few days, specifically you guys saying over and over again that you know you are not going to get guide. As Batmom - is it still mom? - told us, only 10% of people will end up getting accepted. BUT, not getting guide right now is not a failure or a personal attack on you. There are a million reasons as to why someone might not get guide, but listen to the staff members you love so dearly. It took them more than once to get guide and if they didn’t keep trying they wouldn’t be the staff members you love today. So, today’s theme is “Everyone Matters” because you all matter - staff, guests, Harold, you all matter to me and to each other. We are all one community on this server. If you really didn’t get the message from the million texts this morning, we are all a family. We will make mistakes, we will get bummed out or rejected, but that’s all okay. We are your family and when you feel down we are the first people there to pick you back up. You are all good and important people with passionate hearts that love this server dearly. But, to quote RuPaul, if you can’t love yourself how are you going to love somebody else? So, even though I know you all are anxious about app responses coming out, manifest in yourselves today. Keep those who are sick or have passed away in your thoughts and prayers. Celebrate the small things in life that make you happy. Celebrate the big things too like @owils birthday. And, I swear, if any of you doubt yourself and think you can’t get guide, I want you to repeat these words to yourself: I am special. I am important. I am unique. And I am a strong person who can achieve the impossible. I can be a guide. And if you don’t, I will call your mother. And that’s all for today’s daily news! Want to suggest a news topic? DM me and I might include it in tomorrow’s news posting. But, for now, I’m sofieremix, signing off and wishing you a wonderful palace day.

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