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Palace Daily News: July 24, 2020

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PALACE DAILY NEWS: Goooood morning palace peeps!! This is your host sofieremix wishing you a lovely friday morning! And because I love you all, I will not quote Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. On the topic of music, Taylor Swift dropped her new album “Folklore” last night along with a music video for the song “Cardigan”. While fans are pleasantly pleased to see Taylor returning to her more country, acoustic roots, the album is definitively different from any others. The artist took more time and effort into the actual lyricism and metaphors within her writing, shifting to more of an indie pop genre. It is also rumored that Swift’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, actually wrote two songs on the album. Can you guess which ones? In Disney news, Disney has delayed the release of the live action Mulan movie indefinitely. The company has also pushed back all future movies, including Star Wars and Avatar, back a full year. Due to theater closures because of the coronavirus, the company was forced to make a number of changes to their upcoming and future releases in order to make sure all the ideas came to slate. While Mulan still has no set release date, we still have certainty that other upcoming movies and series will still be released on the Disney+ platform. In Palace News, an uproar has started within the discord chats against staff member @pinkiness. After her many allegations against the Muppets, fans have begun spamming her with muppet imagery, desperately trying to convince her to change her opinion.  Other supporters have urged the uprises to stop, attempting to make #stoptorturingpink2K20 trend. Will the battle against pink ever end? In some creative news, this weekend we will say goodbye to the beloved Wishes Live show. The show, sponsored by ACA, was started by members @WowItsCow and @DecentDorito. The show is hosting it’s final performances Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. As a dear fan of Wishes Live and the amazing cast, I am sad to see such an amazing show leave the Palace stage. We will miss it dearly. And today’s morning motivation is focusing on The Beautiful You! I know we normally talk about mental stressors and what is bringing you down in your mind, but lets shift to focus on those beautiful bodies of yours. We all know that we live in an originally body toxic society that is slowly making shifts to becoming more body positive. From Victoria’s Secret’s first trans model, to breakthrough activists like Ashley Graham, little boys and girls finally have new idols to look up to. However, as we all know, there are still dark areas of our lives where our body images are shamed. From my personal experience, I’ve always been “too skinny”. I don’t weigh a lot and for a while I was told it was a bad thing and that I needed to gain more weight to be happy. My own boyfriend has been a subject of such shaming, as he is only a few pounds heavier than I am. Frankly, in my opinion, while the female end of body positivity is moving forward, we need to see more male models with various body types as well. But, in regards to our palace family, remember that your body is a temple no matter what it looks like. It is the parts and pieces that keep you moving and growing every single day. You body is a machine and it should never be the subject of shame or insults from others. As @BobRosscoe told me this morning, “Everyone beautiful in their own ways.” And you should believe that! No matter if you are tall or short, bigger or smaller, have oily skin or dry skin, etcetera. Your body is beautiful and its the only one you have. So take care of it always! Today, take time to think about how you can care for your body. Recently, I have made more of an effort to start taking care of my skin with a new skincare routine and have been trying to eat more veggies and get my vitamins in (vitamins are good for you - keep those immune systems strong!). Think about even smaller ways to help your body today. Maybe you go outside for some fresh air or even do some stretches to relax your muscles. At the end of the day, your body is the most amazing thing about you. It tells a story to every person who sees you. Treat that body with the grace and kindness that you share with everyone else on here. You all are beautiful, handsome, and wonderful humans and you should always remind yourself of that. Be the beautiful you always!! Love you all always :) 


P.S. In other music news, my all time favorite band, Misterwives, just dropped their new album Superbloom. The album is a change for the band as it focuses on more personal life topics about humanity and mental struggles. Many of the songs discuss hitting rock bottom, deciding to be happy and be content with oneself, and finally being able to bloom into the amazing person you are meant to be. The songs are a testament to lead singer Mandy Leed's recent life struggles. Her emotional, passionate vocals cry out for joy as she encourages others to stand up and be happy for themselves. Just as I do to you all every day, bloom for me. You all deserve happiness and nothing less. SO, I don't know if I can post the youtube links on here BUT I have a task for everyone. Instead of a video of the day, please go look up the album. Listen to either "Decide to be Happy" or "Superbloom" or both! And take those messages as your motivation and focus for the day. Love you all!

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