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Palace Daily News: July 25, 2020

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PSSSSSST! Good morning Palace Peeps! Welcome to Daily Palace News. I’m your host sofieremix. Fans across the world yesterday shouted with joy as Shea Coulee was crowned the winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5. Shea, originally a runner up on Season 9 of RPDR, was a fierce competitor throughout the season, coming neck and neck with runner up Miz Cracker. While the final battle was close, fans were overjoyed to see Shea receiving the crown last night. When asked how she felt about Shea winning, Palace Coordinator @pinkiness said, “I love all 3 of them but Shea just deserved it so much.” We are all overjoyed to see Shea win and are looking forward to the next season of drag race when the second season of Drag Race UK premiers in the fall. In movie news, Paramount has announced that the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie will finally get a sequel. The sequel is currently slated to hit theaters on April 8, 2022. However, as many other movie companies have been announcing, the Top Gun: Maverick movie has pushed back their release date due to the coronavirus. The movie release will now be pushed back 6 months. And here’s your daily guide application forecast brought to you by @BobRosscoe ’s performance of Chiquitita. Today’s forecast is very foggy with high temperatures from the summer heat. While the stress and anxiety surrounding the applications has certainly decreased, the outcome of everyone’s application is still quite hazy. Is this fog predicting a new storm? Or will the clouds pass by to reveal the sunshine? In Discord news, the chats are still exploding with one direction. The band celebrated its 10 year anniversary the other day and has now become a frequent topic in the discord chat. Players reminisce over their favorite songs, moments, and photos of the band, while debating back and forth about who is the best boy band of all time. Looks like it’s time for @RRocco and @audition_anna1 to add some 1D songs to the Musical Chairs or Four Corners playlists. And finally, let’s get to your daily motivation! Today’s theme is R&R. Today is Saturday and it’s finally the end of a busy and very stressful week. Some of us have worked from Monday to Friday and are finally tuckered out. Others have still found anxiety in their day to day life because it still exists even if you do nothing. Sometimes anxiety and stress can be inevitable, but that is why we have the weekend. Yesterday, we focused on physically caring for our bodies. Today, listen to the body you are in. Did you experience a wide range of emotions this week? Did you feel more negative instead of positive? Take time today to relax and do things that help you destress. Maybe you take a break from palace to go read a book or even spend time in the discord talking with friends. All of you have big, powerful brains that work heavily for you every day. They help push your body forward and control how you feel, talk, virtually everything about you! Yet, sometimes we often take our brains for granted. So, take care of yourself and your mind today. Remember to be your confident self, but it’s also ok to shy away for a day and be contempt in isolation. Remember, if any of you ever need help or someone to talk to, we are all here for you with big open arms. I know today’s news was short, so if you have any ideas or things you’d like me to mention, feel free to message me in the DMs! Remember to drink water, wear a mask, and take care of yourself today! Oh, and have a wonderful day on the Palace Network. Byeeeeeeee. Oh and hi there @HaroldTheStitch.


Alsoooo, For those of you who missed Santa, remember that you can always email him!! Just google email Santa and check out your options! You also can track Santa online using NORAD!! But remember, it is never too early to be kind and start spreading Christmas cheer!! So be good for goodness sakes or @TheCraftyBatman might place some coal cookies in your stocking this year. Enjoy the festivities!! 

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