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Palace Daily News: July 26, 2020

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Ohhhh I don’t live in a pineapple under the sea but good morning everyone!! Welcome to daily palace news. I’m your host sofieremix. BREAKING NEWS: The discord breaking news record today was shattered as staff members and players revealed shocking news points one after the other, leaving players and reporters in shock. And before I get to that here’s some BREAKING NEWS: @Colton10974 has run out of news ideas to report! Our usual news reporter normally fills our inbox with your daily Disney news moments, but shockingly had no news to- oh wait a minute here’s more BREAKING NEWS: According to @BobRosscoe @WILLINGWINGS81 gave 5 star tour of KS on the Palace Network. Many fans were saddened to have missed the tour but give kudos to Will for giving a long tour on the 25 min long ride while in the hot summer Floridian heat. When asked to- oh god here’s more BREAKING NEWS: @SmallestCube is awesome? Cube we already knew that though. You are awesome and I still owe you my firstborn for the photo you made of me and here we go more BREAKING NEWS: @audition_anna1 is finally about to finish the Tangled series. We take you now live to Annas living room as we watch her take in those last few moments of the beloved series. See her stare at the screen eagerly waiting to see what happens as her cat lies next to her. Wait, what’s this? Cut the feed we have more BREAKING NEWS: @RRocco says hi? Rocco quit breaking my news feed. What’s that? Well it turns out the computers have all broken due to too much Breaking News. Oops! Let me go fix that.......BEEKER! “Mi mi?” Can you pass me a screwdriver? “Meep!” Thank you....


Okay we are back online!! Thank you all for your patience. Today’s daily motivation is moving on. In some real palace news, today we say goodbye to the beloved creative show Wishes Live. As a cast member, this show was what helped bring me back to palace during a very difficult time in my life. Despite being sick, it was rehearsing every day with @WowItsCow and @DecentDorito that helped me find this loving palace community. It even pushed me to help others with their shows and now I am an assistant director for tangled! But, now something we loved and cared for dearly has to come to an end. For many of you, this isn’t just a palace thing. I know a lot of you are high school seniors moving on to college. Some of us are moving away, losing friends, breaking up, etcetera. These times always come with sadness. No matter how you do it, we all grieve over the loss of something wonderful. But my message to you today is to not grieve the past but rather celebrate it. Look back on all of those good times. The times that made you smile and laugh, the late hours where you thought you were losing your mind but still were having an amazing time, the games or events you cherished together, take it all in and don’t forget those parts. At the end of the day, with each step we take in life, we add a new chapter to our stories. And yes, every story must have a bad moment, but who says it can’t have a happy ending. So, on this glorious Sunday, think about how you can happily close on last week. How can you better your narrative in the coming week? And remember, we are always here for you. Love you guys!



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