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Palace Daily News: July 27, 2020

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It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the lights! It’s time to open Palace on the most sensational inspirational celebrational Palacetational. This is what we call Palace Daily News!! Good morning palace peeps!! This is your host sofieremix coming at you with some Daily Palace News! Yes, I already know you guys are talking constantly about Guide application decisions being released. Our lord and savior @BobRosscoe has finally completed reading all 117 or so applications and is ready to release the news and take a nap. I understand everyone is very stressed and nervous. But do remember, these were very hard decisions to make. However, being rejected from the program now is not a sign of failure or a personal attack against you. Maybe this was not your time, and that’s ok. Take the news - whichever it is - and see how you can grow from it. If you are accepted as a guide, congrats! How can you bring pride to your position on the team? If you were not accepted, what can you add to your application the next time you apply? And remember, let us all be kind and respectful to everyone and if someone doesn’t want to share their decision, please do not force it out of them. You never know what someone could be feeling on the other end, so let’s all be nice to everyone and respect personal boundaries. This past weekend, the first ever Comic Con from home was hosted. Due to the global pandemic, the leads of the annual event decided to host Comic Con on a virtual platform so fans could still attend and enjoy the beloved event. While the event did suffer from many technological glitches, fans were overjoyed to watch table reads and hear future news about many of their favorite universes. In some Palace News, we are saddened to see our beloved Christmas decorations vanish from mainstream. This past weekend the network hosted “Christmas in July” - which of course makes sense since Christmas is 365 days a year. From decorating mainstreet in snow and mistletoe, to offering brand new costumes in the emporium, the staff found a beautiful way to spread Christmas cheer to all at this very hot time of the year. Remember, if you didn’t get to meet Santa, don’t you fret! He will be back in December for the actual Palace Christmas event. And you always can send Santa an email online! As someone who is pen pals with him, he’s always keen to reply (Did I just intentionally rhyme that whole news cast? My dear palace readers my mind is aghast!). In some creative news, T-minus 5 days until the grand opening of ACA Central and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Park! As someone who is a big marvel fan, I am absolutely ecstatic to go and check out this new area of creative. Shout out to @StitcherSam and make sure to mark your calendars for that grand opening! You won’t want to miss it. Also, in some other Discord news, make sure to check out our #movie-nights channel! I believe @Keppel49 is hosting a movie night to help take off some stress from guide apps. And now here’s our Daily Cheese Forecaster @princessrileyy!


Thanks Sofie!!

DAY 8 OF RANDOM CHEESE FACTS! Contrary to popular belief cheese, eaten in moderate quantities, is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus. It’s saturated fat content is responsible for its bad reputation. -Riley The Cheese Enthusiast 


Thank you Riley! And now, here is your daily palace motivation! Today’s motivation is to WAKE UP!….ok good. Now that everyone is awake, today’s motivation is support. As we constantly say on this server, we are not just your Minecraft friends, we are your family. I alluded to this earlier in the news but for some of us, the harsh reality of guide apps will hit. For many of us, this is the first time we will experience some form of rejection. And it is difficult to face it that first time - I remember when I was in your same spot and even a small rejection seemed huge that first time. However, that is why you have us. No matter if you were rejected or accepted, we are your support force. We are here to lift you up when times are dark and keep lifting you higher when it’s time to celebrate. This may all be online communication, but we are still a world of people on the other sides of our screens (though I think @pinkiness might be a robot - she’s a bit too perfect). No matter your age or gender or anything, we all have been through a lot in our lives. And that is why we are always here to offer you unlimited support and advice and cookies. If you can’t say it in gen chat, our DMs are always open. However, don’t be afraid to let people in here know that you are having a tough time. It may be scary to be vulnerable, but all of you are fierce and incredibly strong. You are all amazing friends to one another because you lift yourselves up when you are feeling down. Even people who aren’t as active on here can see that. So, remember today, respect everyone no matter their decision, don’t pressure anyone to reveal their decision if they don’t want to share it, and no matter what happens, we are here for you. And also, no matter what happens, we will still have a mini discord party to celebrate everyone being so brave and taking the initiative to apply. And, of course, congrats to our new guides!! Love you all! Sofie out! *mic drop*

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