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Palace Daily News: July 28, 2020

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You do have a soul, don’t you, Palace?

Make your wildest dreams come true.

I got news,

I got updates,

I got things I didn’t even try.

And I got news from the other side.

(She’s got news from the other side).

Good morning Palace peeps! This is sofieremix with your Daily Palace News! @pinkiness look away, but in some Muppet news, the Muppets returned to the screen to perform Act 2 of the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton. Our favorite puppet friends initially performed their impressions of the legendary cast, but only were able to complete Act 1. Lucky for us, they have returned to complete their rendition of the show. And, no, they did not throw away their shot. In some Discord news, a mysterious image of Maximus has begun appearing all throughout the channels. Late last night, @RRandomm posted a strange image depicting Maximus as “VSCO Girl”. When asked to comment on his sudden change in appearance, Maximus said, “Neighsksksks.” Is this Maximus in disguise? Or has this loyal horse finally gotten out of control?  And here is your daily creative reminder that ACA opens their Marvel campus in just 4 DAYS!! @StitcherSam I cannot wait to see the amazing plot you and your team have created!! Now, let’s go to @princessrileyy for your daily CHEESY news:


Thank you Sofie!




The “holes” in Swiss cheese were, until recently, seen as a sign of imperfection and something cheese makers tried to avoid 


-Riley the Cheese Enthusiast 


Thank you Riley! Shocking how they thought my favorite type of cheese was imperfect! And now it’s time for your Daily Palace Motivation! Today’s motivation is safety? 


But Sofie, internet safety doesn’t sound like much of a “motivational topic”.


Well, random news staff person, it actually is. Internet Safety is something that should always be part of your motivation for playing online. We absolutely love and adore our staff and we applaud them for all the hard work they do to keep us safe. We often don’t see what they do, but we all feel comfortable while playing because of their actions. However, we too can take part in helping them out. If you or a friend ever see something or are told something that makes you feel uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to reach out to a staff member and report it. Even if you think it’s dumb or you’re overreacting, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help and support you in any way possible, and the last thing we want is for someone to go around and make you and other players uncomfortable. Outside of reporting, we all can benefit from a bit of Internet Etiquette. All of us get carried away sometimes in conversations online and that’s perfectly alright. We are human beings and we all make mistakes. But here are a few ways to help yourself and your friends avoid getting into trouble. Always follow the palace rules when you are speaking on the server or in the main discord chats. You may only see the warnings appear when on main, but that doesn’t mean the same rules don’t apply here in the main chat. If you are talking about a more personal topic, talk about it in the DMs so you avoid releasing private information to the public. If you think something is inappropriate or you have to get it approved, just don’t post it. Chances are if you don’t think it’s okay, the staff will also agree with it. However, if you ever have any questions, the staff is always here with answers! And, lastly, let’s talk about Internet behavior. Always be kind and nice to people on the internet. If someone has an opposing opinion on a topic, don’t get mad at them. Respect everyone’s opinions and let them share their own perspectives. Not everyone will 100% agree with your side on something and that is perfectly okay. If you feel frustrated or angry, take a break from the internet. I personally recommend stepping away from the keyboard and taking in a few breathes. Doing some breathing exercises can actually help you calm down and avoid doing something that could harm you or someone else. Never assume anything about another player. We all are human beings and there is no way to determine what the person on the other side of the screen is going through. We all go through tough times in life and we all have bad days. So try to be nice to everyone, even a small act of kindness online can make someones day 100x better. Respect the privacy of others AT ALL TIMES. If someone asks you to not share information or that they don’t want to say something or that they are uncomfortable with something you said, apologize to them kindly and respect their opinion. Some of us are open books online, but a lot of us don’t like to share personal things about our lives. Only share what you feel comfortable with. And, on that note, do not betray the trust of others on the internet. If someone trusts you with information, don’t go and share it behind their back. As someone who has been the subject of out of context screenshots being shared, it isn’t fun and it ends up hurting a lot of people in the end. Trust me, those incidents never end well and can cause a lot of pain for a long period of time. All in all, just always remember to follow the rules and trust your gut. If you think something is wrong or doesn’t seem right, talk to a staff member. They are always here to protect you and help you have a great experience while playing. And as @Keppel49 reminded me, drink lots of water today!! These summer days are getting hotter and hotter, so let's stay hydrated!! And that’s all for today’s daily news! I’m sofieremix signing off to see if dreams really do come true in New Orleans!

But always be safe on the internet! As Naveen said, "Life is short, when you're done, you're done. We're on this earth to have some fun!" So let's be safe and have some fun!!

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