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Palace Daily News: July 30, 2020

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Yo ho, yo ho, a gade’s life for me

We answer each message, we hide, and seek

Let’s ride, me gadies, yo ho.

Teamwork makes the dream work and don't be a jerk

Let’s ride, me gadies, yo ho!

Yo ho, yo ho, a gade’s life for me

We're loud and chaotic, spamming t-swft

Let’s ride, me gadies, yo ho

Aye, but we're loved by our NOT parents

Let’s ride, me gadies, yo ho!


Yo ho, yo ho, a gade’s life for me!


ARRRRGH! Good morning me palace mates! I’m your Deck Sweeper sofieremix here with some glorious Palace Daily News. In the midst of movie cancellations and delays, Pixar has announced their newest animated movie “Luca”. The movie will focus on the idyllic friendship between a young Italian boy and his friend, who is secretly a sea monster. But don’t look at Italy and get your hopes up - it’s less “Call Me By Your Name” and more “Ponyo” in Italy with sea monsters. The project is currently slated to release June 18, 2021 and no news has been shared on whether that date will change. In some creative news, we are just TWO DAYS AWAY from ACA’s grand opening of their Marvel campus. @StitcherSam I am still shaking with excitement and I cannot wait to check it out!! For more information on the project, be sure to check out the #creative channel here on the Discord. In some other Palace News, we are very pleased to announce the newly refurbished Morocco pavilion will be having its opening this upcoming weekend! The event will be on Sunday August 2nd at 4:45 pm. Make sure you are there to check it out!! And now, I am pleased to welcome the newest segment of our daily news announcements - @_jamesss_ with his weather updates! Take it away, James!


Hey everyone!


 I’m @_jamesss_ and I’m here with the first official WDW, WDW is the Weather in Walt Disney World, but instead of Walt Disney World it’s Walt Disney Weather! 


Ohh, so cheesy 


Anyways! Today in Bay Lake Florida/WDW, you can except partly cloudy skies with of 33/91.4 degrees, and a low of 24/75.2 degrees. A hint for Friday, you can expect sun! But don’t get too attached to the sun, according to the forecast it is going to storm for a whole week after that! Crazy if you ask me, but I’ll get into it tomorrow. 


Thanks for joining me on Walt Disney Weather, I’m gonna pass it over to Riley with her cheese facts! 


Thanks James!! This is @princessrileyy with your cheese fact of the day!!




 Eating cheese 30 minutes before bed helps you sleep better! 


-Riley The Cheese Enthusiast 


Thank you all for enjoying my cheese facts! Now, back to Sofie!


Thank you, Riley! I’m going to miss your cheese facts (don’t worry tho, I’m gonna fight for you to come back :) ). And now, here is your daily motivation! Today’s theme is helping others. As I mentioned yesterday, I have loved seeing you guys help each other out and support one another. Today, I wanted to commend the guides for doing the same. Yesterday, the guides helped out a new guest on our server and turned her experience into probably one of the most magical days ever! I wanted to bring attention to this because we all face barriers sometimes. Not all of us agree with each other 100% of the time and that’s normal. We all are unique and we have our differences in language, opinions, age, etcetera. And that’s just part of being a human being. However, those barriers do not define whether you can help someone or not. We are all a family and we are all humans.  @ScanWorks is still questionable, but I’ll let that one slide. In this negative world we currently live in, we should strive to break that negativity and help others no matter what. You are all young so your minds are still growing, but make sure you remember to always be kind and helpful to others. If you don’t think you can help someone alone, always ask a friend to help out. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier! I know this is more of a short motivation today, but think to yourself, how can I help someone today? Maybe you make friends with someone in the chat by going on a group ride with them. As a guide, my job is to answer questions and help people in the chat, but have you SEEN how fast the other guides can type? My fingers are not that fast. I always try to help people in more unique ways like helping guests find cool hiding spots, going on group rides with guests who are riding alone, even hyping you guys up and making sure your days are brighter. We all can do our part In helping the world look a little bit brighter. And, as always, if you need help, we are always here for you. TTFN, Sofie :heart:

Oh, and on another note, because I don’t think this came across clearly in my first message. These messages I leave about helping others are meant for everyone. I commended the guides because yesterday we had a very specific moment where two guides went above and beyond to make a guests day. However, they are not alone in that work. I watch everyone every single day comment motivation, support their friends, and you all deserve the credit. If you don’t believe me, reread all of the daily news. I give shoutouts to you guys being AMAZING every single day! Literally! Yesterday the theme was “YOU” because I spoke about how amazing you all are about supporting each other. Remember, I understand some of us are staff and some of us are guests, but we are all one family here. We are all very supportive and very encouraging of each other. My messages that I send here are meant to further encourage happiness and positivity because man, it makes me SO HAPPY to see you guys do that. Remember what I always say, it doesn’t matter if you are staff, a guide, or a guest. You are in control of how amazing you are. And you can always be positive and help out others in any way you want. And yes, you deserve all the credit for it. And also, I keep getting this question/comment a lot, I understand rejection is hard, but that does not mean it is the end. Sure, in some cases being rejected is an endpoint. But not getting guide this round is not a determining factor! You have so much time between now and the next round to make your application shine! I listed a few ideas above but think to yourself, “how can I prepare myself for the next round?” Personally, I just thought outside of the box! I am a very creative person, so I tried to think go ideas that hadn’t been thought of! Remember, at the end of the day, not getting guide is not a personal attack. Frankly, it normally just comes down to the numbers. There were 117 (I think?) of you that applied. That is an INSANE amount. I think that is the biggest application pool yet!! If you ask me, I still have no idea why I was picked. None of us do. So, my advice to you is to just be yourself. Let the best version of you shine in your application. I know you might feel down or bummed out, and thats totally normal. But use those emotions as motivation. Many of the guides that just got accepted have been rejected in the past. They have been there! If they gave up, they wouldn’t be where they are now. And the same goes for the staff. So, I’ll leave you today with the following: you all deserve credit for spreading happiness, your status on the server does not mean you can or cannot make each day the most magical possible, and the most confident version of you is the version we love and support always. My DMs are always open if you need to talk!! Also btw, I love the guest song. Please keep making more and sharing them, I love that you all are collaborating together!!

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