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Palace Daily News: August 1, 2020

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Palace News


It’s a place of laughter,

No room for tears.

It’s a world of topics

And spongebob memes.

There’s so much that we share

All the time - we’re aware

The forums are awesome!


The forums are awesome,

News, puzzles, and find Mickey,

No pink did not write this song,

The forums are awesome!


Gooood morning Palace Peeps!! This is sofieremix coming at you with your full Palace Daily News! In Park news, crews have been spotted continuing work on the upcoming Tron Rollercoaster in Magic Kingdom. New photos of the highly anticipated ride were released over the week making fans ecstatic for the rides opening. There has been no news as to how the global pandemic will affect the ride, but I for one am beyond excited to experience the ride when it’s complete. In some palace news, Character Applications have opened!! Do you love our character visits? Have you ever wanted to make someone’s day by dressing up as one? Well, here is your shot to apply!! Go onto our forums site or look under #community-announcements and go apply!! In forums news, today the Palace Daily news launched their new club! The site features 11 columns ranging from daily news, fun facts, even a bit of trivia! Newly appointed Lead @pinkinessis also working on bringing more traffic to the forums site by launching new activities and games on the page. So, keep an eye out for new things coming your way! And now it’s time for the daily motivation! Today’s daily motivation is “it’s okay to cry”! While yesterday’s motivation was “I love to laugh”, let’s take it down a peg and focus on those more negative emotions. As we saw with guide apps, we all get down sometimes. We feel rejected, denied, even alone in our own emotions. As we grow older these emotions become even more present in our daily lives (and that’s on science), and that often makes it even harder to get through each day. This especially is difficult because we all live in a world that shuns vulnerability. For centuries, we have been taught to not be emotional, to not cry, to suck it up and get better. But, as our society becomes more accepting, we begin to realize that our emotions are deeper and more complicated than that. So, while we will always offer you our support and love, we also understand if you need us to back off. Sometimes we don’t want to feel better, we just want to cry it out. So, if you feel this way, go ahead. Let out all the badness you feel inside. We will be here for you no matter what, with the promise of warm hugs and another magical palace day!! Thank you all for joining me this morning and be sure to check out the other columns! I’m sofieremix, signing off!

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