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Palace Daily News: August 2, 2020

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Hi Guys!! So, a lot of people are asking, but today I did take a break from doing the Palace Daily News because I took a mental health break. I know many of you love reading the news everyday and I'm sorry I didn't give more of a heads up on this break! Don't worry, it's only today and I will be back with the news tomorrow! However, I wanted to leave you guys still with a daily motivation. So, today's motivation is be kind! Yes, being kind to others is my main point of this. We should always make a strong effort every day to be kind to all and listen if something goes wrong. We all make mistakes or have bad days, and being kind can either help your mood change or brighten someones day! Moreover, you should also be kind to yourself. I took a mental health day today because, while i love spending time with you guys, life can get overwhelming. I'm balancing a job, going back to school, and palace duties, and while I wouldn't want to spend life any other way, things can get stressful. So, when you feel down or negative or you really don't think a day is going your way, take a step back to breathe and relax. Maybe play with a pet or read a book. I took some time off today to finally finish a book i was reading! At the end of the day, being kind to yourself and others will benefit you in the long one and help you have a more positive summer and an even more magical time online! Love you all!

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