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Palace Daily News: August 3, 2020

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Hey Rufus! Yes, Rufus, give me a beat!


Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na. (2x)

Yo, listen up, have a howler from Sof.
Morning Palace is the name of the song.
Here's a story in all it's glory.
Ain't hidin' nothin', don't know what the truth is
How Sof met Palace.
Never played a server,
Never found one with Disney,
And I’m allergic to unkindness.
So I surfed for Disney Servers on the internet,
Saw an IP in a Tik Tok….
Gonna need WiFi!
What is that? That rollercoaster?
(Yes, that's right, it's the Palace Network.)
Come on y'all, let ol’ Harold sing!
(Listen to the Palace Network!)
Uh huh! What is that? Musical Chairs?
(Yes, that's right, it's the Palace Network!)
Hey, wait, I can't hear the players sing!
(Listen to the Palace Network!)
We've heard of Bueno Nacho, chimerito and a naco.
But have you had a churro? Why not? I'm buyin'!
Yoda in my pocket, you can't stop it, so drop it,
Down SPLM, you just might soak it!
Sof and Palace Network with our best friends:
The Staff!.
We're not afraid of any attack.
I say, "Yo, Palace, we've got your back!"

Good Morning Palace peeps! This is sofieremix asking “so what’s the sitch?” Just a reminder that this is only a part of the whole Palace Daily News report as the full version with our updates will be posted on the forums page. In a strange case of events, Rhode Island residents over the weekend received state checks signed by Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. A resident of the state received a sales tax refund this week, but noticed that the names of General Treasurer Seth Magaziner and State Controller Peter Keenan had been substituted. Mickey Mouse signed as General Treasurer, while Walt Disney put his John Hancock in as the State Controller. While many residents were pleased by this mixup, the technical error was corrected by the state over the weekend. Well, looks like if you want to go find Mickey Mouse you should take a trip up to Rhode Island! In some streaming news, Disney+ announced their new releases for August 2020. The upcoming month brings a whole bunch of promising titles including Howard, Star Wars Galaxy Edge: Adventure Awaits, The Greatest Showman, and the HIGHLY anticipated Phineas and Ferb: The Movie: Candance Against the Universe. As a huge fan of Phineas and Ferb I am so happy the story is continuing with Candace finally getting her own movie! In Palace News, FNTM premiered yesterday and players were overjoyed to see their favorite underwater friends come to the Palace Network! Players got to watch many of their friends and cast members perform in the legendary show directed by @RRandomm Let it be known, I am punching the air right now that I missed the show. If you did miss the show but would like to catch a glimpse of it, go check out the #palace-pics channel! In some more life news, no Tik Tok is not getting banned just yet. After speaking with President Trump, Microsoft is still pursuing plans to purchase the media app from their parent company in China. Due to this update, President Trump has announced that he will put the Tik Tok ban on a 45 day hold. So, the app will not be leaving us right away, but if Microsoft is unable to successfully purchase it, we might be waving goodbye to another popular app this fall. And now let’s get into our motivational message for the day. Just a reminder, if you liked today’s news, make sure to join the Palace Daily News club for updates, the full news transcript, and go check out our other columns too! If you want to join the club, feel free to DM me on Discord to join! Today’s morning motivation is Jam Out! We all are beyond obsessed with music ( I’m going to point out @_JustBelieve_ and @Kxycee_ here) but did you know it’s also beneficial to your help? Music is essential to human happiness and can transform listeners' emotions, survey finds. Music might be the key to reducing stress and improving productivity, as a survey of 12,000 people across 12 countries finds. More than half of those surveyed found that listening to music could have a positive effect on their mood. In short, here are a few ways that simply listening to music can help you in your day to day life: it improves your mood, reduces stress, lessens anxiety, improves exercise, improves memory, eases pain, provides comfort, improves cognition, it helps your heart (this is true - your blood flows more easily when listening to music), and does so much more to make you better! Now, if you are up to it today, try to include music as much as possible in your daily life. Listen to music while playing palace, warp to a ride with your favorite music and just jam out to it. If you are having a bad day, try to listen to some sadder, softer music to try and ease out the pain. At the end of the day, we all know how much music can help us. So, today, blast your favorite song and just jump around! Go and jam out and make today an even more magical day! Gotta blast! Sof ❤️

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