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Sofie - Editor in Chief, Daily News

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Sofie (sofieremix) is ecstatic to be the Editor in Chief of Palace Daily News! She began doing the news in the Discord to help motivate her friend and other players to have extra Magical day. Since then, she has expanded her platform tremendously to include a club page on the forums. Along with her 10 amazing staff members, Sofie is dedicated to delivering daily facts and news updates to the Palace Community, further helping to brighten everyone's days! Outside of the news, Sofie spends her time helping as a Guide on the server, being a co-director with @audition_anna1 for Tangled the Musical, and helping give motivational speeches to friends on Discord! Her favorite palace activity is Hide and Seek (she is very good at finding hiding places). She welcomes you all to the news page and hopes you enjoy it!

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