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WDW Fun Fact Day 2: What's the ManaTEA?

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Hello Everybody! Welcome to my Disney Parks Fun Fact of the Day! 

Do you love the sea? Do you love cows?

Then this fun fact is for you!

Todays Fun Fact Is: 

The BFF Manatees CURRENTLY located in The Seas with Nemo and Friends are called 


LOU's STORY: Lou was living a very regular life in the wild, until he was hit by a boat. Unfortunately this caused him to lose his tail. However, his Caretakers have found that it is not interfering with his ability to get around! Currently, they are working to find a way to rehabilitate Lou back into the wild!

LIL JOE's STORY: Lil Joe's story is different. He was found orphaned and was rescued by SeaWorld. In his life, Lil Joe has lived in many theme parks and zoos around the country. Once, they tried to release Lil Joe back into the wild. However it did not go well, as he attempted to eat a Boat Cushion and got sick. And so, Lil Joe was brought to his forever home of EPCOT. It's best for Lil Joe to stay in a controlled and safe environment!

Image: Lil Joe at EPCOT




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