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A Wild Developer has Appeared - Jake_mc12

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Hello everyone,

Please bare with me, I am not good at writing about myself at all. I am Jake_mc12, and I am currently on the development team as a Website Developer. I joined as a Guest back when Palace was MCMagic. I joined the staff team as a Trainee at Palace back in July of 2019. I later became a Moderator in October, and then, I joined the development team as a Website Developer. I have an amazing honor of working with amazing people. I would not ask for a better team within the development team and the staff team as a whole. We are truly one big family! I sometimes think I am the crazy one of the family. 🤪 Even though most of my work is done behind the scenes, I try to hang out with everyone on the server as much as I can so if you see me on, come say hi. Also if you have any cookies for me, I will be your best friend. :) Below are some unique facts about me:

Fun Facts

Favorite Disney Attractions: All of the above, I guess if I have to choose: Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Favorite Disney Character: All of the above, I guess if I have to choose: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.

Favorite Disney Show: Happily Ever After

What do I do during my free time?: Well first off, what is free time? I love to code, read, learn new things, write, listen to music, swim, run, and hang out with friends. 

Palace Fun Fact: Did you know that I was only a Moderator for a little over a week before becoming a Website Developer? No, really it is true. I became a Moderator on October 1st, 2019, and I became a Developer on October 9th, 2019. 

What programming languages do I know?:  I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, PHP, Python, TypeScript, GoLang, and now Java to only name a few. I am still learning more. I know I am a nerd. 🤓 

What musical instruments do I play?: I currently play Piano, Guitar, and Bass. 

Other Unique Facts: I am currently a college graduate. I love anything music or technology related as you can probably tell. I have been trained in audio engineering. I actually know a number of well-known musical artists, which is pretty awesome to be able to call some of them friends. 


I think that is pretty much everything! If you have any questions or what to know me better, just ask! Thank you for taking time to read my intro! Have a magical day!


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