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The Palace Network Rap (Based on "The Naked Mole Rap")

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Hey Rufus! Yes, Rufus, give me a beat!


Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na. (2x)

Yo, listen up, have a howler from Sof.
Morning Palace is the name of the song.
Here's a story in all it's glory.
Ain't hidin' nothin', don't know what the truth is
How Sof met Palace.
Never played a server,
Never found one with Disney,
And I’m allergic to unkindness.
So I surfed for Disney Servers on the internet,
Saw an IP in a Tik Tok….
Gonna need WiFi!
What is that? That rollercoaster?
(Yes, that's right, it's the Palace Network.)
Come on y'all, let ol’ Harold sing!
(Listen to the Palace Network!)
Uh huh! What is that? Musical Chairs?
(Yes, that's right, it's the Palace Network!)
Hey, wait, I can't hear the players sing!
(Listen to the Palace Network!)
We've heard of Bueno Nacho, chimerito and a naco.
But have you had a churro? Why not? I'm buyin'!
Yoda in my pocket, you can't stop it, so drop it,
Down SPLM, you just might soak it!
Sof and Palace Network with our best friends:
The Staff!.
We're not afraid of any attack.
I say, "Yo, Palace, we've got your back!"

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