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Palace Daily News: August 4, 2020

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There’s been 104 days of quarantine

And school isn’t going to end it

And this is a problem for all generations

How are we going to spend it?

On Palace!


Building a castle or riding on Harold

Or trying to win Four Corners

Discovering that Scan is charging (Hey!)

Or casting spells in USO!

Surf in seasonal, eating churros

Or locating Remy’s statue (It’s a warp!)

Buying a new plush, finding a hiding spot

Driving BobRosscoe insane! (Gades!)


As you can see there’s a whole lot of stuff to do

Even when school starts this fall (Aloha Perry!)

So stick with us cause the Palace Network is gonna do it all!

So stick with us cause the Palace Network has got it all!


Batty! Sofie is making another title sequence!


Good Morning Palace peeps! Welcome back to the Daily Palace News! I’m your host and favorite older sister, sofieremix. By far the biggest Disney topic today is about our beloved Splash Mountain. Yesterday, one of the boats on Splash Mountain in Walt Disney World actually sank on the ride while guests were still on it. The guests were safely evacuated off the ride, but the boat still sank. While many were shocked at the ride malfunction, Disney has still not released a comment on the incident. Hopefully issues like this one will be fixed in the upcoming revamp of the ride. In other Disney news, an article was released explaining the history behind the beloved “Disco Yeti” on Expedition Everest, questioning if the yeti will ever be fixed. The Yeti is 25 feet tall and is capable, when functioning, of five feet of horizontal movement and a foot and a half of vertical movement. Unfortunately, within months of Expedition Everest opening, it was discovered there was a problem. The size and movement of the Yeti was so powerful that the support structure holding it up reportedly began to give way. The understanding is that the fault lies in the concrete base, and as such, it would require an extensive refurbishment that would likely last months. While Disney Execs have promised fans that they eventually repair the beloved yeti, no plans have been made towards future developments on this issue. In some Forums news, our dear @heavenest launched a new game for guests on the Forums page called “Alphabet Character Game”. Guests can access this game on the forums page under the “Games, Contests, and Activities!” Link on the homepage (Scroll down to find it). Heaven tasked guests in this game with naming Disney characters in alphabetical order without repeating any names. In less than 24 hours the game already went through the alphabet once and has now restarted! Go check it out! In some other Palace News, guests got a wonderful visit from the lovely Remy yesterday! The beloved chef stopped by for over an hour to sign autographs, tour the many restaurants in Epcot, and watch the 4 pm SITs show with guests. Seeing Remy was an absolute treat (get it) for all! I hope he comes back soon - I need more advice on where to eat in Epcot! In some USO news, guests poured onto the USO server to ride some group rides with @RRocco and the guides. As a huge lover of the USO server, it was super fun to bring some love to the many rides in that park. If you have not gotten a chance to check out our USO park yet, go take a visit today! Just hold on tight to your donuts - I think Homer may be roaming about! 


And now, let’s head onto your daily motivation! A reminder, if you want to catch up on the full news post or read our other columns, make sure to check out our club page on the forums! Today’s motivational theme is “The Universe Has Your Back”. I primarily say this because many of us are about to experience a bad day due to some very scary weather - RAIN ON ME TSUNAMI. Sorry, I can’t miss my chance to quote Lady Gaga. Now, I know many of us on here do get scared when faced with bad weather. Trust me, I had to drive home in part of the hurricane last night and it was terrifying to do. It sounds dumb but everything really does happen for a reason. You don’t have to believe what I’m saying, but last night was just one moment in which I realized the universe had a path planned out for me. And a lot of us will experience this in our lives. You may not end up being friends with the people you want to be friends with, you might not get into your dream school, maybe you don’t get the leaderboard spot on SPLM or the trolley. At the end of the day, these things happen for a reason. So, yes, the bad weather is coming and it has been raining a lot, but don’t think it’s the end! The universe always does things in your favor. It may seem wrong to you at first, but if you look back, many of these things happen for a reason. Obviously, this theory does not apply to everything, but use it as a calming intention today as you or your friends become anxious about the weather. And, on a more serious note, if you do live on the East Coast, please take major precautions. There is going to be a lot of high winds, flooding, and other dangerous weather. You should already be doing this because we are in a pandemic but please, stay at home today if it is possible. Stay away from low level or flooding prone areas. If emergency managers say to evacuate, do so immediately and follow instructions. Make sure your devices are charged up and you have backup portable chargers ready if the power goes out. Make sure you also have flashlights at the ready - it will be dark out during the storm. The storm is supposed to get lighter the further north it travels, but we are all here to comfort you and help you today if you are scared. I’m someone who has lived through 4 hurricanes and they are scary especially when you are alone. So, like always, my DMs are open and we are here to help you have a magical day to push the storm away. Now, excuse me, I have to go see why Doof’s machine is messing with the weather!

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