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Morning, I’m Antman0426

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Hello everyone, I’m Antman0426, you can just call me Ant though, and I’m a Seasonal Builder here at Palace!

I joined the staff team around late March of this year as a Builder Trainee, and working on Seasonal with the other builders has been nothing short of a great time! 

Somethings about me:

I think monsters are awesome, all kinds, especially the big ones. Things like Godzilla and other Kaiju are very cool to me. I also like space, aliens, and all of that good stuff. I also have an interest in the film and entertainment business, which is a career I hope to pursue.

In my free time I like to chill building on Minecraft, draw, and play the Trombone.

My favorite Disney ride is either Seven Dwarfs or Toy Story Mania.

That’s about it, see you around!


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