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Hoi! Aqua_Tem here!

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Hi guys, I’m Aqua_Tem, or many of you know me as just Aqua (since that seemed to be the nickname that stuck)! I’m currently in college/university studying Bioengineering. I love to spend some of my free time getting on palace and enjoying some time with everyone! 

I want to help make the Palace experience fun and magical for everyone on the server, and so far being on the staff team has really allowed me to do that! If you ever have any questions, I will not hesitate to do my best and answer the question :)

You can find me on the server in afternoons and evenings, however I am also on the Palace discord! Anyone is welcome to ask me something in the discord server, or send me a DM ❤️. I’m always checking in on the #homework-help channel so if you have any questions on some homework, and I can help, I’ll answer!


Here are some facts about me:

 - I play the trombone, as well as various other instruments 🎵

 - one of my MOST favorite foods is sushi! 🍣
 -  I go to Louisiana State University...
 - But my family lives in Virginia! My relatives all live in Louisiana though. 

 - aside from Minecraft, I like to play various other games, and my favorite types of video games are RPG/open world games or rhythm games.

 - my family has two lovely dogs 🐕

 - I love coffee, but can’t drink it that much because of my medicine :(

- I have been on Palace since about 2014 (when it was still McMagic) and I’m so glad to be a part of the magic!

-I’ve been a staff member since around February 2020!

anyways, I hope to see everyone on the server and I’ll do my best to make Palace your home away from home!

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