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Dinosaurs 3 & 4: Bambiraptor & Troodon

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The Bambiraptor (Bam-Bee-Rap-Tor) was a Small Theropod, about 1 meter long. That’s 3.3 feet.

They were Carnivores that lived throughout the Late Cretaceous period. That was 71-84 million years ago!

It was found in the USA and named by Burnham, Derstler, Currie, Bakker, Zhou, and Ostrom in 2000.



The Troodon (TROH-Oh-Don) was another Small Theropod, it’s length being 2 meters, or 6.7 feet.

They were Carnivores that lived throughout the Late Cretaceous period, 65-74 million years ago!

It was found in the USA and named by Leidy in 1856.



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