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hello! i'm aesathe (pronounced however you'd like, i personally say ays-ath, but usually get ah-sath-ee), but i also go by atlas! i use he/him pronouns but they/them also works! :-] i'm currently preoccupied by a few internships, but i also like to spend my time drawing, creating graphics, and of course spending time on palace! ♡

here's a few fun facts about me!:
⍟ i've never been to any disney theme park in real life (although i'd like to go one day to all of them :'-])
⍟ my favorite rides are rockin' roller coaster and tower of terror!
⍟ i work on the media team!
⍟ i've been on the server since early 2015 :D
⍟ i have a family of pet rocks!

hope to see you around! 💫

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