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USO News - August 7th, 2020

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Welcome back to USO News!

This section has been awful quiet recently due to there not being much news regarding the Universal parks, but that's all about to change >:D

A few days ago, a video of the proposed design for Super Nintendo World's website was leaked online, confirming the rides in the area as well as their names and a few other cool details! While the leaked video only covers the near-complete version of the area at Universal Studios Japan, this is just as big for us, as SNW is coming to the parks in Hollywood, Singapore and, of course, Orlando.

universal studios japan

So yeah, lots to unpack here.

First off, the rumored Mario Kart attraction will indeed be the centerpiece of the area, located inside Bowser's Castle. Named Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge, it will apparently feature augmented-reality technology "unique to the park" to immerse guests into the experience by allowing them to virtually throw items at their opponents and interact with their surroundings.

The other attraction in the area will be called Yoshi's Adventure, and is a gentle fly-over tour of the area, featuring Yoshi-themed ride vehicles. 

The area is also rumored to include shops, restaurants, and multiple photo ops and activity spots, as well as special checkpoints that are activated by the Power-Up Bands, created especially for the area. The bands are used to interact with the various features around SNW, and can allow you to rack up "points" that can apparently be transferred to the user's Nintendo Switch console (Think of it as a MagicBand with the interactivity of the Ollivanders wands xD)

Aerial photos of the area in Japan show that construction is nearing completion and the area is almost ready to go -its opening was meant to coincide with the launch of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but due to the escalating situation in the world the opening was unfortunately called off indefinitely.

Impressive Aerial Shot Of Super Nintendo World's Construction ...

The state of the area's construction in the Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore parks is unknown as well - the area was originally going to be built in Universal Studios Florida, where the KidZone area is now, but was called off just 2 weeks after walls went up around the area, as the project was transferred to the Epic Universe park.

As a massive nerd and Nintendo fan I personally cannot wait for this to open, especially in the Orlando resort. (I would paste the link to the video in here but I believe it's been taken down)

Anyway that's about it for today, sorry for the small hiatus!! :P

(EDIT: Ignore how large the second image is, I couldn't resize it)

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