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Palace Daily News: August 7, 2020

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I’ve been staring at the edge of the water

As my boat climbs higher, floating down the cliff

I wish this thrill could never end

But I reach the bottom, no matter how hard I try.


Every turn we take, every song we hear,

Every queue we click, every block we jump

To this place we go, where the sun glows

Where we long to be.


See the rides surrounding the sea

They call me

So let’s go, to Seasonal!

Let’s play and hide and swim all day

So let’s go,

Let’s go have some fun in Seasonal!


Good Morning Palace Peeps! This is Sofieremix with today’s Palace Daily News. @BobRosscoe pay attention because It’s Official! The much anticipated live-action Mulan movie is now going to be skipping cinemas and going to a direct release on Disney+. The film, initially set to premier back on March 27, had its debut date pushed back three times before the company decided to settle for a digital release. The film will officially be released on the platform on September 4th, but there is a catch. Disney+ subscribers will have to Pay and additional $29.99 to watch the film. As the Disney+ subscription is already $6.99 per month, many fans were disappointed to realize they had to spend more money to watch the remake. Regardless, majority of fans are thrilled that this move is still going to be premiering soon - this really is a movie worth fighting for. In some Disney Channel news, Keke Palmer announced yesterday that she would be returning to Disney for the upcoming Proud Family reboot. Palmer will voice 14-year old activist Maya Lebowitz-Jenkins, a new character added onto the shows original cast. The series will feature the majority of the original cast that fans fell in love with back in 2001, including Kyla Pratt, Tommy Davidson, Paula Jai Parker, and more. If you are interested in finding more about the upcoming reboot, the NAACP twitter hosted a live stream yesterday that you can watch! In some Tik Tok news, on Monday President Trump signed an executive order declaring that TikTok was a national emergency and saying that it would be effectively banned from the country in 45 days if US operations aren't first sold to an American company. TikTok is the first Chinese app to have caught on in any significant way outside its home country. More than 100 million people in the United States use TikTok, the company said. While there has been no updates on Microsoft or other media companies in the US buying the popular app, I will make sure to keep you all updated - I know how much you all love those videos. In some Disney Park news, Disney’s Hollywood Studios debuted this weekend Artificial Intelligence Bag Check Scanners. The Evolv Express system will not only cut down on the often times large lines to get through the tedious bag check process, it will also allow for more streamlined staffing. By switching to the Evolv Express system, not only does Disney create a more pleasant experience for the guests, but also a more reliable screening and safer experience. Use of this system versus the old bag check used before the parks closed due to COVID-19 also ensures a safer procedure for security Cast Members who are now able to screen from a distance and not have to physically interact with each and every personal item that comes through the screening. And finally, in some Palace News, @RRocco @heavenest and @PupThunder debuted their newly updated version of “Staff Dunk” yesterday. The new update included a VIP area with a hot tub, a snack bar, a new arena, and the opportunity for guests to either dunk someone or be dunked. Fans of the game poured into the queues, making the game continue for over an hour. In fact, the game was even run twice in a row the fans loved it so much and players were asking to play it through the day. As someone who loves these mini games, I absolutely love all the new updates they are getting and cannot wait to see what is in store for the future!!


And now let’s get to today’s daily motivation. Today’s theme is “Still Don’t Know My Name” - half of you are about to quote the song I know it. What in itself is a name? It isn’t simply the thing you call another person. To many, this may seem like a few letters on a page or something bound to us at birth. But your name is the biggest part of your identity. It is what everyone calls you, knows you, what will be used to tell your story to others. This grouping of letters and sounds hold great power towards your identity. It is your destiny - the legacy that will be used to set your reputation in history. Thus, for many of us, we don’t know what our name is. For me, I thought I knew what my name was a few years ago. I thought I knew what my future would be, who I would be with, where I would be. As I grew older, I started to care less and I didn’t mind where I ended up or what my name was. Why should I? It’s just a name. Yet, one night, that I will never forget, I realized why we should care about our names. Our names aren’t just what we are called, it’s who we are. At that night, I looked myself in the mirror, and I realized I didn’t know the name of the person I was staring at. There are sometimes I still don’t know my name when I look into a mirror. Times where I question where I am in the present or where I will be tomorrow, and I’m here to say that is okay. Age does not matter - we all will have times when we don’t know who we are or what our name is. And those moments can be scary or feel lonely. I’m here to tell you though, take advantage of those moments and use those emotions to make a name for yourself. When you hear your name, what do other people think? What do you want them to think? Am I Sofie the girl who struggled with science grades so she gave up? Or am I Sofie who is a published scientist who works to help others realize their brilliance and beauty? And this will take time, it will take a long time. I wish I could make it easier for everyone, but we all work at different paces. But, at the end of the day, you are the only person who can decide what your name is. We will always be here to support you, now matter who you are or what name you go by, but it is up to you and you alone to make that decision. Remember, you are beautiful and have a soul filled with courage and kindness. I see that in all of you. Never let go of your dreams. Love always, Sofie (often called “Remix”).

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