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WDW Fun Fact Day 11: Stars and Stripes

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  • Coordinator

Hello Everybody! Welcome to my Disney Parks Fun Fact of the Day!

Are you a history buff?

Interested in laws and customs? 

This fun fact is for you!


Todays Fun Fact Is:

To avoid the very strict rules of flag code, most of the flags in DisneyWorld are fake!

The fake flags are missing one star, or one or two stripes, to make them technically "pendants"!

This allows Disney to avoid flag code rules like flying flags at half mast in times of mourning! 

Notable exceptions to being fake flags include the flagpole at the front of Main Street, and the flags in the World Showcase in Epcot!


Image: The flagpole on Main Street, holding one of the only real flags in WDW


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Your facts are literally so interesting HAHAH! That's a really good point though! I bet part of it is that they might forget to change one or two that sit in the back corner... I know I would oops

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