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Palace Daily News: August 12, 2020

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Good Morning Palace Peeps! This is sofieremix with your Palace Daily News update. In some Disney Parks news, Disney World announced that they will be cutting park hours starting in September. The new schedule will be in effect on September 8th. The updated schedule was posted to the Disney World website over the weekend shows delayed opening times and that some parks will close earlier, with Epcot and the Animal Kingdom cutting back by two hours and the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios both losing one hour per day. While many are saddened that the parks will be open for less time, we all can be grateful that we still get to experience the magic after all. In some spooky news, Disney has begun to roll out four new collections this Halloween, including one inspired by the Haunted Mansion, one inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, one inspired by your favorite Disney villains, and of course, one inspired by Halloween at the Disney parks. Some of these items are already available on ShopDisney and those that you can't buy immediately will be popping up as we get closer to the holiday. All that's left to do is get cozy in your Disney parks apparel, pop on a Halloween movie on Disney+ and thank goodness it's finally spooky season. In some fun forum news, @pinkinesslaunched a new game that allows players to show off their favorite Disney merch! This week’s game is focusing on Disney mugs, glasses, basically anything you can drink out of. As someone who owns way too many Disney cups, I was super excited to participate and can’t wait to see everyone’s items!! In some server news, Palace featured one of their first emergency ride evacuations yesterday. During a huge Soarin group ride, the ride malfunctioned and guests had to be evacuated by staff. As someone who has never experienced this on Palace in the past, it was wonderful to see everyone come together and help one another. A shout out to the staff who was online and helped guests safely evacuate!! 


And now, let’s get into today’s Daily Motivation. Today’s topic is “Got Anxiety?” We all have anxiety in our daily lives. All of us suffer from selective anxiety - anxiety that only appears in specific moments.  There are moments, even if they are brief, of laughter, of feeling hopeful about the future, brief moments of happiness, of connection with others, brief moments of love and feeing good. It's certainly not a conscious selection, rather something that comes about with triggers, and from a lifetime of conditioned thoughts. I can only be happy if x y z occurs in my life" Having rules like I can only be happy if... will always ensure unhappiness, because LIFE will always throw challenges and obstacles your way. Keeping this in mind, you then can understand on an intellectual level, that depression and anxiety does not have to be permanent. You can figure out why you feel down, by learning about how your brain works, how your mind works, and you can direct it to something that feels much better long term. Comparison is another big issue, especially these days with the increase in social media and the amazing revelation of filters. Filters that make you look like a supermodel in one swipe, but also the filters many apply to their lives, like exaggerating everything in their life to make themselves look bigger and better and leaving out all the negative things that are really causing them pain. The happiest people on earth do not compare themselves to others. Ever. They run their own race, and they are happy for all others to run theirs in their own time and their own way. Happy people don't have the best of everything... they MAKE the best of everything. Things will never work out as planned. This is life, not a movie. How you respond to how things work out will determine the quality of your life.So today, if you feel anxious, take time to practice some breathing exercises. Find ways to clear your mind from the stress and find a spot where you feel calm. Often times, the ideas and decisions we make while anxious are not the best solution. So find a state of peace before acting and see if that will help. And, as always, DMs are open. Love you all!

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