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Palace Daily News: August 13, 2020

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Hi There Palace Peeps,


Very quick news report today!! Happiest of birthdays to @SorcererAndrew and @Legobuilder0813!! Make sure to wish them a Happy Birthday today! Thank you both for all that you do - we love you!! Also, in Disney News, the parks have just opened a virus testing site at Walt Disney World. This will allow guests and nearby residents to get tested at the parks. While I am not sure how fast the results come back, it's great to see more locations opening up to help people!! And in some Palace news, make sure to check out the #community-announcements for the Marvel/DC/USO Character Village! Like our previous CCVs, you will be building a home for your chosen character. Make sure you use the linked document to sign up!! Can't wait to see the completed village!!


Now, I just wanted to pop in and say some daily motivation quickly because I think it is much needed at this time. Today’s theme is Respect. Each of us should respect all human beings. Respecting someone is an essential need of living and surviving in a society today. We usually give a basic level of respect for other people. Furthermore, we should respect the people in a proper way who impact our lives. In life, you all will meet a variety of people. Some will have many similar opinions as you others will have completely different opinions. In our world, it is always ok to debate and question these differences - it is how we gain more knowledge and still get close to one another. However, arguing or getting angry over differing opinions is never the answer. We live in a world surrounded by negativity. If we keep adding negativity to that world, we will never reach the happiness we aspire to have. Remember always - kindness is the best answer. Always follow the golden rule and treat others the way you want to be treated. So, today, let’s please remember to respect everyone’s opinions and passions and not be disrespectful to someone because of their passions. Respect is not just something that makes us feel good and positive but it is an important element of life in the present time. Respecting someone can never be something negative. Moreover, it maintains a good relationship and understanding between two persons. Everyone deserves respect and should also respect other people in this world. This community is supportive and kind and I have seen you all be wonderful to one another. Let’s keep that up please and be kind to all!! But at the end of the day, even outside of differing opinions, you should always strive to be kind to one another. We are all a family and I know many of you strive to be wonderful and kind to every person on here. I think that is incredibly admirable and we need more people like you in the world. You all make my day and others days a whole lot brighter. So, let’s always remember to treat others with kindness and respect always!! Let’s make this world a bit more beautiful today!! See you later!! Love to all!

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