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AW Resort Opened in July of 2019, And Needs Improvements. We are slowly taking steps to Improve the Hotel. Here you can Show us what needs to be Improved at that hotel. 



  • Lobby Refresh
  • AW's Rainbow Boutique Bypass
  • Removal of Escalators for Rainbow Boutique Bypass
  • AW Pizza Co.
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 **AW Resort Refurb**

- AW Convention Center *NOW OPEN!* 
   -**Image Hall**
   -**Create Hall**

-All Lobby Construction in the Explore Tower has now concluded, a new Fountain, and room entry points has been added with a cleaner and more modern layout

*There is a few more plans for the resort, However, half of the resort has been remodeled! And The Rest of the Resort Including a New Suites Building, should be unveiled towards the end of Winter of 2021!

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