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How to Join our Audio Server

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Complete your magical experience on Palace Network by connecting to our custom audio server! Our audio server brings to life the music from the theme parks, as well as custom songs played on our Creative server and during community events, by playing both ambient music and real ride audio as you travel around the server. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to access this feature:


1. Type /audio into your text bar.



Reminder: Make sure to enable you have web links enabled to receive the audio link. On your Minecraft browser, follow: ESC > Options > Chat Settings > Web Links. Make sure the Web Links tab is switched to ON.



2. The direct link to our audio server will appear in your text bar. Click the link text to be sent to the audio server via your preferred internet browser. We highly recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox for the best connection to our audio server.



3. You will be taken to the audio server homepage which asks you to establish your connection to the audio server by clicking the “Connect to Audio Server” button. Your audio will then authenticate (meaning it activates the server for your current Minecraft session) and you should hear a connection sound. You will then hear sounds based on what part of the server you are on. Use the volume slider bar to adjust your volume higher or lower.



4. Not hearing anything? We recommend testing your connection at /warp castle as there always is an audio loop playing there. Most, but not all, areas of the park have audio so testing by the castle assures that your connection is working.

5. Occasionally you may need to manually sync your audio by using a show sync sign. This typically is only needed for firework shows, parades, and special events. The signs can be found in many locations around the parks. 



If you experience any issues while linking, please create a support ticket and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

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