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New Park & Tech Updates

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Tech Updates:

[+] Audio finally added to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

[+] Audio added to /warp wsl and /warp ig

[+] Audio changed at /warp epcot

[+] Epcot Forever and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth barges now only appear during the shows. Open Waters

[+] Old O'Canada show is back. New one will come sometime soon.

[+] Small change, but fountains at /warp figment now start from where you stand on the pressure plate.


Park Updates:


[+] Updated Epcot Entrance (/warp epcot)

[+] Updated World Showcase Lagoon area. (/warp wsl)

[+] Updated International Gateway (/warp ig)

[+] Updated Land pavilion (/warp land)


(All information is from Random.)

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