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6 hours ago, baifelicia said:

HI GHOSTEEEE!!!!!!!! i've always pronounced your name as ghost-E but i'll fix that some time soon hehe. sending you some brownies though! ❤️ homer simpson eating GIF

Honestly I don't mind it but thanks for the brownies 😂🥺

9 hours ago, AirMan787 said:

I love Star Wars! :D It’s been fun to get to know you running around the parks and at events! See ya later!

Star Wars is p great! And yes see ya later 💙

20 hours ago, jakkke said:

hi Ghoste! nice to meet you! i love when you dj at dance parties <33 see ya around! 🥳


Pff I mean Anna started the party before I just continued it after she left, but I try! Thanks ❤️

37 minutes ago, davidzoo said:

@GhosteYou are an AMAZING  Person! ❤️

I love seeing you online! In fact I got a few pics for ya!


Thanks David! Plus there are many amazing people out there including you! 💜

Also the picture is adorable 🥺

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