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Introducing AW Marketplace! Coming Soon!

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-=AW=- Introducing- **AW Marketplace!** 

In just a few weeks. . . Enjoy our all new Entertainment District! 

What to do:
Visit ton's of Shops & Restaurants built by our Players here on Creative! Shows will also be occasional here too! We will also have Vibe rooms & Soon A Connection to AW Park and AW Resort!

What to see :
Soon to be Connected to AW Park & AW Resort, This is the Hub for all things AW as the AW Headquarters is Located At AW Marketplace too! Here you can see a Unique Atmosphere like never before!

*We Hope to see you at AW Marketplace Soon!*


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-=AW=- AW Marketplace


Come Join us at AW's Newest Shopping And Dining District! With many exclusive Shops & Restaurants such as the Lego Store, AW Store, Pepper Farms, The DerpyRamenNoodle, And More! We Invite you to visit us Early Afternoon of August 30th! See you there! You do not want to miss out! 

(Time of Opening will be Released Soon. Will be Before Event) 

The Opening will also Include the Grand Opening of AW HQ!!!

See You There! :heart:


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