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Palace Daily News: August 27 2020

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Hi Everyone! For today's Daily News, we are just going to focus on the motivational message which is Respect. Let's just all remember to always treat one another with respect. Respect is like give and take, If you'll give respect, you'll get respect. Respect is one of the great manner and it can change a person. Respect is something different because sometimes people change due to a polite and respectful behavior of the front person.Just like with yourself, when you demonstrate respect for others, you give value to their being and ideals. In addition, you’ll make someone feel good by granting them respect, provided, of course, that it’s something that they deserve. One of the best ways to show respect for someone is to truly listen to another’s point of view. Obviously, we’ll not always agree with one another on every topic (and you should never adopt a point of view with which you do not agree), but we should allow each other to have and express our own views – regardless of whether we agree with them or not. Keep this in mind: you owe everyone a basic level of respect for being a fellow human being, but your level of respect for others will vary from person to person. Just like your self-respect will grow as you master the ideals discussed above, your level of respect for others will vary depending upon your view of them and their own self-respect. Yes, today's motivation is on respect because i've heard it come up in conversation a ton lately on this server, but it shouldn't just be today's motivation. We should have respect for everyone everyday. It's okay to slip up or make mistakes, but make sure you are kind to one another. This world is dark enough and we should aim to be the role models for the world we live in. Love you all and someone send me some Aretha vibes today.


Oh...and get excited. News is back :)

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