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AW Marketplace News!

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Hii everyone!


I wanted to start out by saying, sorry for the inactivity. I have been very busy with school starting up and all that. But I am glad to say that I will be back on the forums and will be posting more often ! Now back to our regularly scheduled program!


If you have not heard already, davidly_'s very own Adventure World will be opening the AW Marketplace! 


-=AW=- AW Marketplace Is Opening TOMORROW Sunday, August 30 @ 1:30 pm EST 

Come join us for the Grand Opening of AW Marketplace & NewAW HQ! We are extremely excited to see you here! AW Marketplace will hold a Lot of Popular Brand Stores of Creative! Such as World of Fuse, ACA Emporium, Pepper Farms, The Derp Store,  Blaze Pizza, The DerpyRamenNoodle, Will's Cafe, AW Oriental, Le Ghooste Cafe, C&D Records, AW Store & More! 😄



Be sure to join David as he opens AW Marketplace, you don't want to miss it!


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