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Disney Halloween Facts Day Three!!

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Disney Halloween Facts

Day Three!

Come here everyday for a new spooky Disney fact as we count down to Halloween!!

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Greetings, foolish mortals. Welcome back to Disney Halloween Facts. It is I, your ghost host, sofieremix, back to continue the fated mystery of the Dread Family. We last left off trying to determine who caused which Dread family member to meet their end. Let’s see if your guesses matched the correct order. Uncle Jacob Dread was the first to go - A wealthy aristocrat who was poisoned by Bertie for his wealth. Next was Bertie Dread - A big game hunter and expert marksman who was shot by Florence with a pistol as revenge for poisoning Jacob. He used the venom of his pet serpent to poison Jacob. Aunt Florence met her end next - Jacob's honourable wife who was suffocated in canary seed by the twins for her inheritance. The twins, Wellington and Forsynthia were next - The twins who became happy haunts in their sleep by Maude with a mallet for the fortune. Last to die was Cousin Maude - after being left the last living member of the family and sole heir to the Dread fortune burned in bed as she slept due to her use of matches as hairpins. If you looked closely at Cousin Maude’s hair on the bust, you can actually see the two matches holding her hair back. However, dear children, if you listened to what I said, not every story in this mansion appears at it seems. In fact, this ended is not as concrete as you’d expect. If you keep your eyes peeled at the end of the ride, the moment right as you exit the graveyard, you can see Cousin Maude again. In the Exit Crypt of the Haunted Mansion, she is seen in portrait-form within the bag of the Hitchhiking Ghost, Phineas. It is unknown why Phineas is in possession of Maude's portrait but it serves the function of giving confirmation to guests who participated in the Dread family game on who the final Dread was. However, many believe that this actually is a mirror and is a sign of Cousin Maude still being alive, burning with the fortune. There is not exact jargon that proves if Maude is alive or not in the end, and that is why this mystery still remains unsolved. 

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