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Disney Halloween Facts Day Four!!

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Disney Halloween Facts

Day Three!

Come here everyday for a new spooky Disney fact as we count down to Halloween!!

tower of terror disneyland GIF by Disney Parks

Welcome back, foolish Palace Mortals, to Disney Halloween Facts Day Three. I am your ghost host, sofieremix, here with another Disney Halloween fun fact. Did you know that there are mannequins from other Disney rides featured in the Haunted Mansion ride? Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion were developed at the same time by the same groups of people for the same land, New Orleans Square. Because of this, there are many connections between the two attractions. When the original POTC ride was redone, many of the left over animatronics were used in the Haunted Mansion ballroom and birthday party scenes, via the Pepper's Ghost method. If you look closely, you will see many of the ghosts resemble pirates because of this. Also, the Haunted Mansion isn't the only Disney ride that uses the Pepper's Ghost effect. The ‘ghosts’ that appear in the corridor scene in Tower of Terror are also made using this effect.

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