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Palace Daily News: September 3, 2020

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Greetings palace peeps, welcome back to the Haunted Palace Daily News. It is I your host, sofieremix, back with another chilling tale about the beloved Haunted Mansion. Now, we all love our spooky cast members who greet you into the mansion, but did you know we also have a janitorial staff? Imagineer Rolly Crump once told a story about how they knew they were on the right track with the effects they were developing when they received a call from personnel saying the janitors requested that they leave the lights on at night, due to how creeped out they were getting every time they went into the building to clean. The Imagineers agreed, but they decided to have a little fun, and they outfitted the building with motion sensors. When the janitors tripped the sensors, the lights turned off, and all of the ghostly effects came to life! The next morning, the Imagineers came in to find all the effects still running and a janitor’s broom in the middle of the floor. The janitors said they wouldn’t be back to clean anytime soon.

And now, today’s daily motivation is “Overcoming Fear”. Throughout this world there are 2 kinds of people: Those who have conquered their fears, and those who are living their fears. Those who are living their fears, and those who are living their dreams because they had the courage to take on their fears. What is the number one killer of dreams? It’s not luck. It’s not lack of money or opportunity. It’s certainly not circumstance. It’s FEAR. The only way you can change is to step right into your fear. You must step right into your fear. You must sum up all the courage inside you and do the thing you fear most. Failure may come. Your greatest fears may be realized. And that is why you go in with the attitude that you will do whatever it takes to conquer that fear. No matter how many times I fail: No matter how many times I feel rejected, embarrassed, down, out… I will not give up! And neither should you! So, think about how you can eliminate fears in your daily life and feel free to pass along the advice to others who are struggling with this. We are always here for you!

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