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Disney Halloween Facts Day Eight!!

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Disney Halloween Facts

Day Eight!

Come here everyday for a new spooky Disney fact as we count down to Halloween!!

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31 October is a date many Muggles know all too well as a day for dressing up, achieving various levels of success carving pumpkins and simply celebrating all things spooky. For Harry Potter, Hallowe’en became a haunting part of his life from an early age for a very different reason. In fact, the eerie date seemed to follow him around. Halloween normally is the occurrence of many major moments in Harry Potter history that are both tragic and exciting. Some of these events include the death of Lily and James Potter, Sirius Black breaking into Hogwarts, the day the Chamber of Secrets opened, the day Harry was picked for the Triwizard Tournament, and, my favorite, the day that Harry, Ron, and Hermione officially became a trio of friends. 

On a very different Hallowe’en, one decade later and barely a handful of months since Harry had started his new magical life at Hogwarts, he experienced a far more traditional night of festivities. Oh alright, traditional for a wizard, at least. First there was the glorious Hogwarts Hallowe’en feast, complete with live bats, overlarge pumpkins and a troll in the dungeons. The only problem? That last part wasn’t supposed to be a Hallowe’en decoration. But the scary scene in which Harry, Ron and Hermione found themselves embroiled in a fight against an unleashed troll actually turned out to be another hugely important moment in Harry’s life. Not because knocking out a troll as a first-year is pretty cool, but because it was the day that Hermione joined Ron and Harry’s friendship group, and formed one of the most iconic trios that ever lived — in our humble opinion. Despite the unusual circumstances, Harry and Ron (who had earlier in the day insulted Hermione in typical Ron-fashion) saved Hermione’s life, thus fusing together a legendary friendship, not to mention getting Ron off the hook.

Moreover, the Deathly Hallows also have a connection to Halloween. Funny that the Deathly Hallows share half their name with Hallowe’en, too. In the wizarding world, ‘Hallows’ are known as three enchanted and hugely powerful objects that can unite to ‘conquer Death’. At one point or another, Harry has temporarily possessed all three of them. Seeing as the Muggle holiday celebrates the supernatural and the unknown, how fitting that the Hallows should be so-named in such a familiar way, and that Harry Potter of all people should be so intimately connected to both. Spooky.

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